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As beginners we all tend to commit mistakes in adwords campaign. releaseMyAd, is the leading google adwords campaign management service provider with the basic motive of helping beginners start their campaign with a bang.On making mistakes in adwords campaign as a fresher you would not even realise it. Therefore it becomes unavoidable.

Here are some mistakes that usually people make and are unaware of until they drain out huge budget. Here are a few tactics that helps you create the perfect magic in your first adwords campaign by ignoring the following delusion:

  1. Want to start with Low CPC?-Oops! you won’t get results.

The sad part is you can’t afford to be stingy at the early stages of your campaign. Every advertiser wants to pay as low as possible for the clicks and am sure even you want to get to the magic of low cpc bid of Rs 5.As a freshman into the adwords platform you can’t expect to get this low cpc on the first day but eventually you will be there with some hustle.

  • releaseMyAd’s mantra: Overpay

google-adwords-budgetDo not remain under the illusion of getting good results for a low spend. As a beginner you need to fight the battle with a high CPC to get results.

If you overpay at the beginning at the beginning of the campaign you can get a good Ad rank (hopefully #1) and also helps you in getting better click through rate.

You must be wondering: Why we are suggesting you to play this game in this way? How will your CTR be affected with a higher Ad rank? The answer is quite simple: The Ads on a higher position tends to get more clicks because it is easily noticeable. Incase you have an amazing Ad that is getting 3% Click Through Rate from a 3rd positioned Ad, then there are chances that if you were No.1 you might have a CTR of around 8%.

CTR has a great impact on your quality score, which is a major influencer of your advertising cost( or CPC).So once you have a ‘good CTR’ and an impressive quality score ,you can reduce your CPC bid to the desired amount. This will not only gets you better quality score but will also reduces your campaign cost.

By good CTR  we mean that if you have 2% its cools, if its 3% its good and if you have more than 5% congratulations you have done it.

2.Want a single Ad group for all your keywords?-Oh! No

Google facilitates easy work i. e a single ad group with hundreds of keywords stuffed in it. You need to buck and snap out of your laziness now. You are trapping yourself into poorly performing campaign.

Your idleness will only end with a poor quality score for most of your keywords. As you can assign only one Ad to a Ad group. So your Ads stand irrelevant for many keyword searches dropping your CTR.

  • releaseMyAd’s mantra: 1 keyword per Ad Groupkeyword-stuffing

Shocked? Confused? You think we are exaggerating?

No, we are not. This tactic will give an instant boost to your quality score.Pushing too many keywords into an ad group disrupts you from creating a targeted advertising campaign. This also degrades your quality score extensively.

The easiest way to escape from this is to create niche ad groups with very few keywords. This will enable you to create targeted ad for your major keywords. This is the simplest way to enhance your campaign Quality Score.

Let’s take an example: If you had ad groups like “weight loss tablets” and “weight loss remedy”, then these should have two different ads like : “ Best Weight Loss Tablets”, “Herbal Weight Loss Remedy”. If you stuff all keywords in one ad group with one Ad you will have poor quality score with expensive clicks.

  1. Want to use “broad-match” types?-Sheesh! please don’t.

Most people using AdWords don’t even know that such a thing as a match type even exists. And it’s not strange, really, because Google doesn’t put our attention in that direction.

Most advertisers are unaware of keyword match types and its not at all bizarre. Let me quickly introduce you to 3 “match-types” siblings: “broad”, “phrase” and “exact” keyword matches.

Match Types are primarily a way in which Google connects your keywords docket with the search phrases.

Broad match as you see is self explanatory. Lets understand it with the help of an example: If you have a keyword as “weight loss tablets” and have used broad match, your Ads will appear for searches like “weight losing exercise”. You definitely do not want to appear for this search query because it does not serve your purpose of promoting your ‘weight loss tablets’. Anyone who is looking for exercises for weight loss will not be interested in clicking your Ad. This drops your CTR and Quality Score considerably ,making clicks expensive for you.

  • releaseMyAd’s mantra: Take up “exact match”

keyword-match-typesExact Match types shows your Ads for exact terms. For example if your keyword is “Weight Loss Tablets”,your Ads will only appear when a searcher is using the term “Weight Loss Tablets”. Your Ads will not appear for any variation of the keyword.

Exact match provides you with total control over your adwords campaign, helping you get an exceptional Quality Score.

Let’s get a quick glimpse of the match- type siblings in one basket:


Match type Keyword Ads may be shown for following queries:
Broad weight loss tablets weight losing exercise
Phrase “weight loss tablets” weight loss tablets side-effects
Exact [weight loss tablets] weight loss tablets

Do you find anything better than “broad-match”? Obviously None.

  1. Want to tag all your keywords to a single Ad?-Boo! Buck Up Lazy peoplekeyword-in-ads

Adwords encompasses everything -keywords, landing pages ,ads, and so on. The major part is matching your Ads with the right keywords.

Google reads your ads and checks whether they are matching your keywords or not. If they’re not then Google will think that your ad has low quality… and you don’t want that. That’s why in one of the previous examples I’ve said that you should use a headline like “How to Lose Weight” for the keyword “how to lose weight”.

  • releaseMyAd’s mantra: Keyword Insertion in Ad Copy

Using this trick, you can polish your Ads to make delight Google as now it can detect keywords in your Ad copy. You will also get high quality leads that are looking for exactly the type of products/services you offer. You are also given an additional perk with it, i.e if someone is searching for keywords related to your business and if these keywords are present in your Ad, they search term gets highlighted in your Ad Copy. This makes your presence more apparent.

“Phew! we know it’s too much for you..”

Sadly, this is the only way that Adwords can give you results. Initially you may take it to be an easy task but trust me the deeper you go the more tough it gets for you to get results.

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