How Newspaper Advertisement Costs Now Get Cheaper?

The Lowest Newspaper Ad Cost
Advertisement Cost in Newspapers

Advertisement tends to serve several purposes across different advertising mediums. Some mediums serve these purposes more aggressively compared to other mediums, be it promotional purposes, public notifications or delivering personal messages. One such useful medium for advertising is the Newspaper.

The newspaper is not just a medium of news, information or expression of public opinion, but is also meant for public communication. It is a common platform to help individuals or groups of people, who are not known to each other but intend to communicate for business or personal purposes. The way to communicate through newspapers advertising.

When it comes to newspaper advertisements, the primary question which concerns the advertisers is “How much does to cost to put an ad in the newspaper?” It is quite obvious that the budget for an advertisement is of primary concern to any advertiser, irrespective of the kind of ad that needs to be published. So, to get a solution for this common query of advertisers, there are certain points that need to be acknowledged about newspaper advertisements.

Factors Determining the Cost of your Newspaper Ads

There are 3 factors, based on which your advertisement cost in newspaper will vary:

Ad Type: In a newspaper, there are 3 types of ads that are published-classified text, classified display, and display. Among these, text ads are the cheapest while classified display ads are more expensive than text ads and display ads are the most expensive of all. Display ads are the most expensive as they can be placed on any page and section of the newspaper.

Ad Size: Both classified display and display ads are priced based on their size in per SQ. cm unit but are placed on different pages. The classified pages are dedicated to classified ads while display ads can be found on any page. Also, there are certain limitations associated with the size of the classified display ads but display ads can occupy full newspaper pages.

Choice of Newspaper: Your newspaper advertisement cost also varies based on the newspaper you choose to advertise in. For instance, English dailies with larger circulation, readership and more popularity such as Times of India or the likes of Hindustan Times are bound to have higher advertisement rates compared to regional dailies like Malayala Manorama or Anandabazar Patrika.

How to get the cheapest ad rates for newspapers?

Cheapest Newspaper Ad Rates

With the factors determining the ad cost in newspapers becoming clear, it is also essential to know, where to get the lowest ad rates for newspapers. The solution to this is releaseMyAd-India’s largest online ad booking portal. We are tied up with 200+ newspapers across India and enable advertisers to publish both classified and display ads through us with the help of our Online ad Booking Tutorial.

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