Learn how a Perfect Google Ad Campaign can outsmart Competition


With respect to online advertising, it’s imperative for advertisers to constantly be on their toes, ready to tweak and reformat the settings to maximize effect. And because Google Adwords is a constantly updating programme, you need to keep checking certain features of your campaign on a regular basis in order to be up-to-date. Below is a list of actions, along with suggested frequencies, that you need to check and update yourself and your ad-campaign on:





Mobile Bid Optimization



Design AdWords Scripts



Track Conversions



Use Ad Extensions to your Advantage



Ad Text Testing



Keyword testing



Include New keywords from the Search Terms Report



Remove Negative Keywords



Re-name Duplicate Keywords



Drive queries to the right ad group



Cleanup Bids



Check for Anomalies



Analyze Year Over Year Data


These actions have been explained in detail below:

  1. Mobile Bid Optimization                                                                                           Freq: Every 3 months

A Google AdWords campaign lets you simultaneously target a number of devices which includes mobile phones and tablets. You can evaluate how you are performing on these particular devices, and you can modify the bids on mobile and tablet clicks to reach a target Return on Investment that is similar to your Desktop. Make sure your mobile cost per click does not exceed the value per conversion.


  1. Design AdWords Scripts                                                                                             Freq: Every 3 months

You can create custom reports via AdWords Scripts, and in turn choose to view how you are performing quarterly. You can choose to view the parameters which you feel are most important. Though designing an AdWords script requires a little knowledge of coding, it eventually pays off to have these scripts, from the marketing point of view.

  1. Track Conversions                                                                                                          Freq: Every 3 months

It is absolutely fundamental for you to track conversions if you have a Google AdWords account. You can track offline conversions using Conversion Import, a tool that was launched by Google. Also, call extensions also count as conversions.


  1. Use Ad Extensions Properly                                                                                          Freq: Every 3 months

It is noteworthy that apart from your Quality Score, the performance of your Ad Extensions also contributes to your ad ranking. It has been established that ad extensions such as site-links contribute to upto 30% of the CTR. If you devise a way to add CTR boosting extensions to your ads, your ad ranks will experience a visible improvement.

  1. Ad Text Testing                                                                                                                    Freq: Every 1 month

Recycling and creating new ads are something every Google advertiser is accustomed to. However, it is not possible that all the new ads that you create deliver the same results, and while some might bring you more conversions, some fail to get the desired number. Advertisers often forget about the latter, letting them remain stagnant. Once every month, it pays off to test the text of all your ads using various tools available on the internet. You can choose to delete or edit the ads which are not as successful as the rest.

  1. Keyword Testing                                                                                                                  Freq: Every 1 month

Buying a bunch of keywords from Google is certainly not the key to having a successful campaign; what you need to focus on is how relevant these keywords are to your products, and how well they match up to the search query. Ultimately, keywords serve as a link between the search query and your products, so if your keywords do not coincide with either of the two, your campaign will fail to register your desired number of impressions and clicks. Also, try to avoid broad match keywords, instead opting for exact-match keywords.

  1. Include new keywords from the Search Terms Report                                         Freq: Every 1 month

The Search Terms Report is an extremely handy tool. It pays if you check the Search Term Report at least once a month in order to add converting queries as new keywords. You can add the new keywords into a new ad-group, or to a special campaign for converting keywords.

  1. Remove Negative Keywords                                                                                              Freq: Every 1 month

You can solve a number of issues every month with the help of the Search Terms Report. Another feature of this report is that it helps you eliminate the keywords that contribute to irrelevant clicks.

  1. Re-name Duplicate Keywords                                                                                          Freq: Every 1 month

When you are adding new keywords to the keyword list, it might be the case that you accidentally create duplicate keywords. You can solve this redundancy by running the AdWords Editor and deleting the duplicate keywords.

  1. Drive queries to the right ad group                                                                                Freq: Every 1 month

It so happens at certain times that Google shows a different ad than the one you had written for a particular search query. This is a frequent occurrence, and it often affects your campaign adversely as it reduces your control over the landing pages and bids. You can design your account to drive queries to the right ad group by adding ‘negative exact match keywords’.

  1. Clean-Up Bids                                                                                                                         Freq: Every 1 month

Bidding for keywords is an unpredictable aspect of advertising. When bidding for keywords manually, keep an eye out for converting keywords where you might be bidding marginally below the first page estimate, or where your impression share is too low.

Also, make sure you clean up keywords for which you have paid a lot but aren’t converting, and more so if they aren’t exact matches.

  1. Check for anomalies                                                                                                               Freq: Everyday

It is a healthy habit to check your account for anomalies such as poorly converting keywords, or ad groups that exhibit a steadily declining CTR. Thankfully, there are a number of AdWords Scripts that help you tackle these inconsistencies.

  1. Analyze Y-O-Y Data                                                                                                                Freq: Everyday

Make sure you take some time out to measure how you inch up against the top performers of last year. Analyze the differences so that you can step up the game.

Managing an AdWords account is not at all a tedious job when you consider the great advantages that you can reap by dedicating a few hours per day to it. These tips will help you register a substantial boost to your AdWords campaign. If you don’t have a Google AdWords campaign, start one now and see your business grow exponentially! Start your campaign today via releaseMyAd! For more details, call us on 09836068426, or you can mail us your query at online@releasemyad.com.