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Today we have seen a revelation in the promotion mix of all large and small businesses. Wherein  businesses are moving towards online advertising particularly Google Adwords. Google Adwords has become a battle field for most of the businesses to reach their customers at the right times when the customer is looking for related products and services of his business domain.

A business is required to be very determined in taking up the right Adwords campaign strategy to get optimum results for their campaign spend.Improper management only leads to relentless budget wastage with no results.

releaseMyAd is the leading Google Adwords management service provider providing effective campaign strategy and plan to help you maximize revenue and return on investment. Our expert team helps you beat competition with zing and style. Our team has managed successful campaigns in a varied range of industries from small to large enterprises. Our core belief is that an ill-managed adwords campaign would simply wastes your money and lower your potential conversion.

Heres’s how releaseMyAd creates ideal adwords campaigns:

1.Unveiling your USP

releaseMyAd composes irresistible and highly persuasive Ad message to get clicks from your potential customers. We understand our client’s requirements providing captivating offering or USP in the Ad text to help you grab your customers attention. We embed unavoidable essence to your Ad getting your customers to click your Ad in respect to other Ads and organic search results.

You need to write your Ad Text you have to craft your message within exactly 70 characters. This limits most advertisers from composing relevant messages. They tend to compose Ads with generic details ,ignoring their major USP’s.

An advertiser is required to be strictly concise about your business and campaign. You need to draft your message from a customer’s eye. Is it free shipping? Are you offering a limited offer sale? Why is your product and service better than the rest?

Here are some USP examples with the keyword “ladies shoes”:

  • offers “Shoes at Rs 299”
  • offers “50% Off  on Ladies Shoes”
  • offers “Great Deals on Top Branded Shoes”

USP-in-ads2.Fixed Budget

We determine a stipulated budget to be allocated to your adwords campaign and abide by it. It is common practice that people tend to overspend because of multiple targeted campaigns. You should foremost set up your campaign duration and daily campaign spend before you begin with the begin.

It is a usual practice that many Google Adwords managers tend to work on flexible budgets. This leads to over spending with relatively low returns on investment. releaseMyAd apportions the per day spend to campaigns based on the advertiser’s average monthly budget .


Many businesses have a laissez-faire approach to limiting their campaign budget leading them to over or under spend. The reason is lack of planning, confusion in CPC and bidding. We save our clients from falling into this loophole. Whatever be your business type or size you need to strategise your budget and stick by it.

Lack in budget planning enhances your risk of determining high return on investment.

3.Proper Campaign Scheduling

Whether you are a freshman or an experienced Google adwords advertisers its is vital for you to plan your campaign schedule(start and end date).

We foremost comprehend your objectives:

  • Is it sales promotion?
  • Do you require conversions from the campaign?
  • Do you want enhanced sales?

Based on your objective we suggest campaign tenure plans and then decide the start end date of your clients campaign. It is a deadly blunder that most advertisers make throwing away a lot of money. releaseMyAd does not promise performance only by clicks but also takes up the challenge to deliver promised clicks within a time frame for a stipulated budget.


releaseMyAd helps you to have a SMART( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-based) Google Adwords attitude to get best results.

4.Crisp and Clear Ads

Your  Ad should be crisp and uncomplicated. You have less than half a second to grab the attention of your potential customers. So your Ad should be comprehendable to get better attention, enabling them to click on it.

releaseMyAd believes in keeping it simple. We compose straightforward ad copy helping customers to easily understand your deal. We even try to keep your display URL simple and meaningful.

Here are some good Ad copy:


Do not try to muddle all your products in one Ad. Keeping its simple enables better targeting and enhanced conversions for all ad groups of the campaign.

adwords creation

5.Highlighting Keywords in your Ad Copy

Always include one of your main keywords in your ad copy or header. Google ranks ads based on search matches. The more your ad matches the keyword search, the higher Google will rank your ad.

Google positions Ads based on relevant search matches. releaseMyAd includes your primary keywords in your ad copy. The more relevant your Ad is to the keyword search, the better are your chances to appear in the top ranks.So, if we have a highly competitive keyword like “shoes”, we tend to use it in our ad copy to get into Google’s high ranks.

You can see in these examples as to how many times the word “shoes” has been used:


You also need to avoid keyword stuffing or you will miss Google’s attention.

6.Optimal Keyword Docket

Keywords are very essential to your adwords campaign. So,your keyword docket should be optimal enough to get higher conversions.

Large keyword list only makes your campaign expensive. releaseMyAd creates a relevant and compact keyword list for your campaign based on your product, objectives and target audience. We research your product and frame a list of keywords from customers point of view.

Google’s keyword suggestions are also of great help to get quality keywords for your campaign.


The best practice is to have multiple ad groups with strong targeted keywords and ads rather than few ads with huge number of keywords. This makes your campaign performance very efficient.

You can also use releaseMyAd Keyword Planner to get niche keywords to suit your product and objective.

7. Perfect Split Testing

A successful adwords campaign is only possible if we have super accurate ads and getting there is only possible if we have super tested ads with us.You need to periodically track your ad analytics and optimise your Ads based on inferences.

releaseMyAd helps you to get most from your online market opportunity by getting you higher conversion rate with high quality result-driven ads.We adopt various tests like-A/B testing and multivariate testing on your:

  • Headline
  • Descriptions
  • Click Through Action
  • Visuals
  • URL link
  • Campaign landing page

For testing Ad ,we first  create 2 Ad groups .


Make two ads, like (A) and one with a different Headline and copy (B).


We run two similar objective ads for few days to test which one beats the other. We then choose the smarter ad and delete the poor performing Ad from the campaign. You can also resort to take Google’s automated A/B testing to get a fantastic adwords campaign for your business.

8.Compelling Ads

Never confuse your visitors. This is the most dreadful blunder that one can make. It is usual practice that people tend to link unrelated landing page to your Ads.

Your Ad copy should talk about your product and offering directing them to relevant landing pages. If you confuse the customers with messages to the irrelevant landing pages you are bound to waste your Ad spend.

If ad is for specific product with a particular colour, and if you have a high quality keyword docket. Then link your ad to the relevant landing page. It will result in higher sales for you as you direct the customer to the exact product page as per his requirement.

9.Distinct CTA

Your CTA Is very essential in your adwords campaign. One should be clear about his offering and the action which is required to be taken by the customer to avail the offering.

Based on your objective you can frame different Call-To-Actions but should be very clear of what you expect the visitor to do. To have better conversions your  intentions should be very clear and that should reflect in CTA of your campaign.

For example:If you want sales, use terms like “choose”, “buy” and “Buy now” as in this example:

call-to-action10.Avoid “spray-pray”

Google Adwords offers hyper targeting options , so you should not run your Ad with a generic all-in-one plate attitude. Do not have generic ads linked to your homepage, this might save your effort but will drain out your money. You might be shooting these ads for many keywords at a time but you definitely  you are not going to get any results.

With a limited budget one should put more effort to have highly targeted ads to be visible by your potential customers. releaseMyAd irrespective of the clients budget builds multiple ads and ad groups to get efficient results for our clients.

You can also review how flipkart runs multiple ads for different keyword searches:

-This Ad is for visitors who are searching for “books for children”. You can see the Ad includes the word “children” in the Headline to immediately connect with the potential customers who are looking for books for children-


This ad is for people looking for ‘MBA books”:


This ad is for people who are looking for ‘ books online’:



We understand for a freshman Google Adwords could be a bit terrifying . Do not panic. releaseMyAd is at your rescue we can make the entire experience of advertising on Google simple and competent for you. We love to see our clients outdoing their competitors. Our team takes up your battle online and gets you glorious victory.

If you want to get best results from your first Ad campaign ,you can write to releaseMyAd at online@releaseMyAd.