Invitation for Death Anniversary Sample- An Appeal For Commemorating the Dead

Everyone is afraid of death! If not afraid then we are at least worried about this impending tragedy waiting to strike either us or someone close to us. Deaths are not always sudden; sometimes it warns us before hitting us. But in spite of that we are never actually prepared for it, be it for a friend, a relative, a close family member or ourselves.

In spite of all the sadness and the tragic environment attempting to break us down, we Indians always find a way to get out of such depraved situations. Some prefer to divert their attention by going out more often, exploring new placed, some do it by pursuing their forgotten passion while some try to come out of the depression of missing someone dear to us by praying for their souls’ peace.

Remembrance and Death Anniversary Ads in newspapers

The most common practice followed by Indians to pray that the soul of the deceased rests in peace is to commemorate their death every year with various rituals. Some of which are followed instantly after the death of an individual while some are practiced on a yearly basis, commonly known as ‘barsi’ meaning yearly. Most people refer to it as Death anniversary.

Quite a few people associate anniversary with celebrations and merriment in case of birth anniversary, marriage anniversary etc. but death anniversaries are usually nothing to be merry about. Yet relatives or close friends often tend to send invitations for death anniversaries organized every year for the deceased individuals. At this time people often require invitation for death anniversary sample, especially those who might be composing an invitation of this sort for the first time ever. But, above all, every invitation needs to have a medium through which it is communicated. Some choose paper cards, some prefer e-cards while some prefer mass mediums such as newspapers.

After extensive research and comparisons based on surveys, it has been established that Newspapers are the best medium for communicating death anniversary invitations. Newspapers have been voted to be an ideal medium for giving out invitations or requesting people to join the remembrance or prayer meetings held to pay respect to the deceased person. The points that were highlighted by a lot of repeat newspaper advertisers made it lot easier to understand the relevance of newspaper remembrances.

Reasons Why Newspapers are Best for Death anniversary Invitations

Memories Kept Alive with Death Anniversary Ads
  • A newspaper ad is the cheapest option for anyone who intends to invite close friends and family for a reunion to commemorate the death anniversary of a loved one. Rather spending a hefty sum of money on printing invitation cards, it is both advisable and preferable to book and publish a newspaper ad as an invitation
  • A popular newspaper has a much wider reach and validity than an invitation card. A single invitation card is created and designed for a single invitee but an invitation for death anniversary ad in a newspaper is printed once and reaches out to a huge number of readers at once
  • Invitation cards do not always bear the image of the deceased individual but a newspaper ad can include the image as well as personalized message for the deceased loved one within a compact yet substantial space as per the preference of the advertiser
  • Like invitation cards even newspaper ads can be targeted to a specific community or region by opting from newspapers with a national circulation or region al popularity, and all this is available at a much more economical option than paper cards
  • Another advantage of newspaper death anniversary invitations is that they too can be published in English, Hindi or any preferred regional language, without the need to pay extra to any translator as most publication houses offer in-house complimentary language translation option on request

These are some of the major advantages of a mass death anniversary invitation through newspapers than a direct one through cards. To help advertisers deal with such fragile appeals, releaseMyAd-India’s first and largest online newspaper ad booking portal, offers a wide range of invitation for death anniversary sample ads. These ad samples offer a versatile range of words and ad formats to be followed while composing any invitation to be published in a medium meant for mass communication.

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