6 Most Prominent Newspapers to Publish Death Anniversary Messages in Hindi


 “Everything comes with a price”. So does life. And death is the most expensive and painful price we pay for it.

Convey Your Consolation Wishes in Hindi

If your mother tongue is Hindi, you have come to the right platform. This article gives you an overview of the 6 most popular Hindi Newspaper Dailies, majorly circulated for the Hindi-speaking population of the country. You will also find insights on the 5 major reasons why publishing your death anniversary messages in Hindi is worth the extra bucks spent on your messages released in newspapers.

India is a country which is popularly known for the diversity it breeds and the ethnicity it holds in its culture, language and religion. In a country which is flooded with almost thirty different languages and hundreds of dialects, every day, there are close to a thousand big and small newspapers that get printed in several such languages to reach out to their distinctive group of target readers.But sometimes at the very initial stage, choosing the appropriate medium of language makes it an obligation for you to do a thorough research before fixating on any newspaper.

It’s true that the content of your message is important. But what is more important is the language in which it is published in the newspaper. Language builds communication and plays a primary role in reaching out to the readers thereby influencing and motivating their thoughts and opinions. A major cross-section of Indian people speaks and interacts in the Hindi language which is in fact the most popular and officially spoken language in India. Hence Hindi newspapers are a well-chosen foreground which an advertiser is likely to adopt for composing and releasing his death anniversary wishes or messages in the name of the loved one who has perished.

Below is listed the 6 most popularly circulated Hindi Newspapers for death anniversary messages based on their circulation and number of editions printed in the country:

Rajasthan Patrika Death Anniversary Messages in Hindi

1)      Dainik Bhaskar: Owned by ‘D.B. Corp Ltd.’, the largest Print Media Company of India; it is the most trusted and popular Hindi language newspaper with an average circulation number of 22.6 lakhs per day. The newspaper gets printed in 9 editions and gained reputation for itself mainly among the Hindi speaking readers of Central and North-Western regions of India.

2)      Dainik Jagran: A close second to Dainik Bhaskar is another Hindi daily topping the list is Dainik Jagran. With an average circulation of 21.6 lakh copies per day and a total of 36 editions printed across the country, this newspaper has grown immensely popular among readers local to Agra, Aligarh, Delhi, and Lucknow.

3)      Amar Ujala: This newspaperis recognised as the 3rd most popular Hindi-language daily in the country with an average circulation of 19.2 lakhs and 18 editions across seven states. Readers settled in North Indian States like Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana etc have voted for Amar Ujala as their favourite Hindi newspaper.

4)      Hindustan: Ranked as the fourth most read Hindi language newspaper and regarded as one of the oldest newspapers to have marked its reign from ancient times which is vividly read by a substantial Hindi-speaking population of the country, is Hindustan. It has a circulation of 14.2 lakhs per day and 14 editions in total. Hindi speaking residents of the country rely on this newspaper for a glimpse of the latest news feeds, political scoops, economics and other important events of national importance.

5)      Rajasthan Patrika: Published in 8 major states in 18 editions, Rajasthan Patrika is one of the largest Hindi newspaper groups of India. It has a total circulation of over 8.94 lakh copies across the country and extensively reaches out to major cities like Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Ajmer, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Jodhpur, Kota, Hubli etc. Popularly circulated in Rajasthan, over the years this newspaper has matured as one of the most popular Hindi newspapers read and has a lion’s share of obituary advertisers.

6)      Navbharat Times: A sister-publication of the English National Daily- the Times of India, which is worth a mention, is the Navbharat Times. It is speculated to be one of the largest-read Hindi newspapers in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Lucknow. It has an average circulation of about       4.23 lakh copies in all major cities and a total readership of 19.7 lakhs across India.

  Reasons to Publish your Death Anniversary Messages in Hindi:

  •  People relate much more with their mother tongue. If you reside in a Hindi-speaking community, your death anniversary messages are expected to make more impact on the people you know provided it’s published in a language which your readers can connect to and are more comfortable with.
  • Obituary messages are very personal and are published by close family members and friends to commemorate the death of their loved ones. Hence if you wish to invite family members, friends and neighbours to the anniversary held in the name of the deceased, publishing your obituary messages in a popular Hindi daily makes your invitation more cordial in its approach.
Pay Your Tribute to the Special ones



  • Every reader you reach out to may not be comfortable with English which is the most commonly chosen medium for Obituaries published in National Dailies, herein Hindi dailies are much more preferred.
  • Hindi has profoundly grown as the chief regional language, commonly spoken by citizens settled in the North, North-Western, central and Western parts of the country. People settled here speak in Hindi and hence publishing death anniversary messages in Hindi is a smart and clever approach to reach out to maximum readers at once.
  • There’s no dearth of newspapers in the country. Thousands of newspapers are getting released and printed daily. Hence choosing the best newspaper option becomes a Catch-22 situation for many. But on a broader perspective the number of regional language newspapers are higher in number than their English counterparts. Hence the options are more for you to choose from with the added advantage of attaining the desired impact and relevance.