ReleaseMyAd Keyword Niche Finder exposes Profitable Niches for your business.


Finding qualitative keywords manually for online campaign is almost next to impossible Relevant, related and quality keywords can give your online PPC campaign an amazing boost generating business for you.Discovering related keywords is crucial and vital part of  keyword research. By detecting related keywords  with low distinctiveness can unravel a new untapped potential market.A proper keyword research unveils a  different array of related terms.

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Benefits of relevant and highly compact keywords :

– enhances in depth coverage of niche areas.

-sometimes synonymous variations are seen to have decent search volume.

-draws traffic that might be searching with least obvious keyword variations.[/box]

In order to enter untapped profitable areas of your domain you need to detect Niches of your business platform.For businesses to grab the attention of their potential customers online they are required to spot the niches and create a docket of qualitative niche keywords.

[box style=’info’] potential-market-nichesKeyword NichesThese are highly compact keywords which presents us with a pool of opportunity wherein we can get business from a narrow business vertical.

eg: A person dealing in shoes can just target a single important niche say, ladies shoes. His ladies shoes targeting faces less competition and more results in comparison to a shoe targeted campaign.

                   Why so?Because the shoes campaign would include all keywords related to shoes sometimes driving you unwanted traffic with huge reckless spend.Targeting your Ads towards niches keeps you focussed, enhances quality score,better ranking, low cpc and excellent results.[/box]

 How does Keyword Niches help in:

PPC Campaigns- Keyword Niches allows you to build a strong PPC campaign, saving you money,time and effort.It helps in delivering relevant Ads generating more clicks and enhancing your website traffic.

SEO Campaigns-  Detecting keyword niches helps you to have an excellent SEO workflow as you can easily detect promising topics for your website content, blogs and other SEO activities ensuring that you leverage the profitable niches.

get-your-market-nicheWhy do you need a Keyword Niche Tool?

You would be taking hours and days to research before coming up with a decent docket of valuable niches.A tool would save your time and effort giving you an opportunity to target the profitable niche market of your industry. You almost get a ready made strategy to grow your business in a few seconds.In these rough times when surviving in the competitive battle is a tough fight, a niche gives a new lookout to your market.

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What does the ReleaseMyAd Niche Finder do for you?

  • Helps you detect profitable niches in a few seconds.

  • Assists in leveraging you the opportunities of the untapped markets which could give your business sway.

  • Generates a huge pool of keywords and exact match domain from a unique seed keyword,saving your effort.

  • Provides keywords for profitable niches along with their relative frequency* and monthly search volume.

(Relative frequency refers to the estimation of how often that particular keyword is being searched for.

Monthly Search Volume refers to how many people are searching for this term.)

  • Provide accurate data for free. [/box]

How does the ReleaseMyAd Niche Finder work?

[dropcap style=’circle’]1[/dropcap]Insert a Relevant Topic related to your business or your product category.


[dropcap style=’circle’]2[/dropcap]You get a List a Profitable Keyword Niches for your search.


[dropcap style=’circle’]3[/dropcap]Once you select the required keyword niche, you get a docket of keywords for that niche with their Relative Frequency and Monthly Search Volume.


[dropcap style=’circle’]4[/dropcap]Select the keywords suiting your needs for the required niches and share it via email.


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