7 Questions an Obituary Advertiser is likely to Ask!


Obituary ads in newspapers are more frequent and common than many can imagine. For some it’s a necessity while for others it is a personal gesture to commemorate the death of a loved one. In both the cases, newspapers are considered to be the best medium for conveying an Obituary message or issuing a Death Notice. But every advertiser has a different kind of requirement when it comes to publishing an Obituary Ad. Some are unaware of the procedure of booking the ad; some are unaware of the people to approach while some need help with the ad rates or how to pay for the ad.

Below are 7 typical or rather basic queries an Obituary Advertiser is likely to have or ask before he gets his ad published in any newspaper of his/her choice. As any ad booking agency or publication house, one should be aware of these 7 questions in order to serve the advertisers better. These queries have been arranged and answered in a manner to help you understand that what is the reason behind asking these questions and how do we resolve them.

Obituary Advertiser Queries

Take a look at the 7 most Frequently Asked questions by Obituary Advertisers:

Q1. If I need to book an ad for next day’s edition, is it possible?

Reason: Most Obituary Ads are published at the last moment since Death does not inform anyone in advance. Since deaths occur quite suddenly in most cases, people are rarely prepared for getting an Obituary message published. Therefore, last minute ad booking requests are highly frequent.

Solution: Almost all newspaper publication houses enable the booking of Obituary ads within 24 hrs as it is considered to be an emergency ad booking situation. ReleaseMyAd, as an online ad booking portal, also enables Obituary advertisers to publish their adverts, 24 hrs prior to the intended date of release. Unlike other ad categories which need some time to be processed, our customer service representatives ensure that every obituary processed through us published as soon as possible with minimum mistakes and absolutely no delays. So now advertisers need not worry about the last minute publishing of an Obituary since we are always available for your help.

Q2. How do I publish an Obituary in an Indian Newspaper from Abroad?

Obituary Classified Display & Ads

Reason: Nowadays a huge percentage of Indians are settled across different countries and continents. Some have shifted for better job opportunities; some have shifted for higher studies while some have moved due to marital obligations. Often parents or other close relatives too accompany them while the rest of the family is settled in India. In such cases, an Obituary ad becomes necessary to be published in an Indian newspaper as the deceased might be an Indian resident or even the family member of the deceased might be an Indian resident. In such cases, advertisers find it difficult to find agents or Indian newspaper publication houses abroad, for obvious reasons.

Solution: This is where an online portal like us who has tie-ups with 185+ Indian newspapers, comes in handy. Anyone from any part of the world can book an advertisement in any Indian newspaper with the help of our online platform. All you need to do is look search for us on Google or log on to releaseMyAd.com, choose your preferred newspaper, edition, compose or upload your ad and then finally get it released on the date preferred by you. We even offer convenient payment options with exclusive gateways for our advertisers abroad. So you can make use of your credit cards or debit cards, net banking as well as Paypal as per your convenience.

Q3. How do I get ad samples for a Newspaper Obituary Message?

Reason: Obituary Advertisers often face issues with framing or composing their ad content, especially because they usually get their ads published at the last moment. At that point and such an emotional state, it becomes really difficult for them to compose a well framed advertisement to be published in an obituary section. This is when advertisers require sample advertisements to help them compose their ad.

Solution: releaseMyAd provides all our customers with readily available sample ads.  With the help of these sample ads any advertiser can compose their own Obituary message by customizing and modifying their personal details and names. Also if an advertiser intends to combine and customize the ad matter available in the sample ads then that too can be done. They can even review different designs and formats of Obituary ads in order to create their own advertisement. We even provide expert designers to get your Display or even classified display obituary ad designed in case of special requests.

Display Remembrance Advertisement

Q4. Why should I book a newspaper Obituary ad through the internet?

Reason: In today’s busy lifestyle, people barely have the time to approach an agent or a newspaper publication to get their Obituary ad published. Time is the most valuable thing in every individual’s life and everyone intends to utilize it efficiently and it is the lack of time that has made people shift to online services for even offline tasks.

Solution: Newspaper Obituary Ads, though published in newspapers, can also be booked online with the help of the Internet. We are India’s largest online newspaper ads booking platform wherein you can do the booking from anywhere in any newspaper to reach out to any specific location provided that the chosen newspaper is circulated in that particular location. As mentioned earlier, we also provide advertisers with the option of online and offline payment mediums, whichever seems convenient for them.

Q5. Can an executive come at my home/office to help me book the ad?

Reason: Often the less tech savvy people find it difficult to use online services which is why they often prefer that someone comes and collects their ad matter from their home or office. Some advertisers still think that online transactions are not safe and booking a newspaper advert through an online portal does not ensure that it’ll be published in the newspaper as requested by them.

Solution: In today’s fast paced world, every process or service is initiated to save on time as much as possible. We as an out and out online service provider initiated the portal to smoothen the cumbersome process of booking a newspaper ad. So when you can create and book your ad at the click of a few buttons on your PC or Laptop along with SSL protected online payment mediums, why would you pay extra for an offline agent? Also, we offer customer support throughout during and until the release of your ad via email, phone and chat. Even our online agents can book the ad for you if you send in an email with all the details and the ad matter or specifications about the ad if you want our experts to design it for you.   

Q6. I want to place an ad in obituary of size 6cm *10cm with photo. I want to upload a file with photo and data, how to go about it?

Simple Classified Remembrance Adverts

Reason: An Obituary ad is always published with the intent to get it noticed and acknowledged. A simple text ad is barely noticeable in a classifieds page and therefore advertisers often end up giving out expensive display ads which often disturbs their budget.

Solution: Due to this problem faced by most advertisers, we offer the option of publishing double column classified display ads which have a standard width of 6 cm. It can include your heartfelt messages for your deceased loved one along with their image, complete information or summary of their lives, names of relatives and descendants if any. In short, your ad can be made attractive and highly noticeable at a much lower rate with Classified Display ads.

Q7. What documents are necessary for an Obituary to be published in a Newspaper and where to I send them?

Reason: Most publications ask for a valid or legitimate document about the existence as well as decease of an individual for various reasons. These reasons mainly pertain to importance of the citizenship of an individual in our country. Just like a Voter ID card is a document which proves that you are a citizen of India, a death certificate testifies that the concerned deceased person who was a citizen of India is no more. Such certificates are quite essential when it comes to population surveys conducted by government officials.

Solution: Usually, only a Death Certificate issued by the Hospital authorities in the name of the deceased person is enough as far as necessary documents are concerned for an Obituary in a newspaper. Our customer care team makes it a point to specify all the requirements regarding any kind of documentation essential for any ad in any Indian newspaper. Also, we provide all our advertisers with an option to upload relevant documents online in the section wherein you compose your ad. Apart from this, you can also send in your documents after booking the Obituary Ad to documents@releasemyad.com.

Satisfying all these requirements for an Obituary advertiser is what we aspire to do at releaseMyAd. Also we intend to help our advertisers be as self sufficient as possible in case of booking newspaper ads. Being informed of all these details helps simplify the booking process even further along with saving time. To know more or for information on specific ad types for Obituary, expert designing help or specific newspaper and location related information, please email us at book@releasemyad.com with all your requirements or call us on 09830629298.