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Looking to find the rates for booking classified advertisements in Gujarat Samachar?

View the latest rate card for Gujarat Samachar Classified Advertisements and book your Ad instantly!

here are three major factors which affect the classified rates for the advertisement that you are looking to book. These Are :-

– Ad Type ( Classified Text OR Classified Display )

– Ad Location ( The Edition(s) that you require your Advertisement to release in )

– Ad Category (Matrimonial, Property,  Recruitment, Automobile etc. )

Gujarat Samachar

1) Ad Type : Ad type refers to the kind of classified ad you choose to book for a newspaper. The rate or total cost of booking your ad depends on the ad type you choose. Basically there are two kinds ad types you can choose from while booking your classified ad for Gujarat Samachar and any other newspaper daily.  These are:

Classified Text :  Classified text ads are often the easiest way to advertise. Usually such ads comprise of text characters and certain additional enhancements in certain cases.

Classified Display : Classified display ads offer greater visibility due to the usage of borders, logo’s , images  and various other types of enhancements. Usually the cost of booking classified display ads are higher compared to simple classified text.

2) Ad Location: ( Edition) The rate of booking your Gujarat Samachar Matrimonial, Jobs, Real Estate ads may vary according to the location or edition you choose to book your ad in.  You can book your classified ad  in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Mumbai and various other editions of Gujarat Samachar. You may need to shell out some extra cash while booking ads for major editions of Gujarat Samachar.

3) Ad Category : You have to specify your ad category while booking your classified advertisement for Gujarat Samachar or any other newspaper.  Choose Matrimonial as your ad category when booking Wanted Brides, Wanted Grooms ads. Select Recruitment while booking Jobs, Situations Vacant ads or select Property for all your real estate, accommodation ads.  The category you choose can affect your ad expenditure.

View the special rate cards for different categories as under :-

4) PACKAGES & OFFERS: Enjoy a bundle of special discounts and offer packages while booking your Gujarat Samachar Classified Ad.  Book your ad instantly online and you may get additional insertion offers for your chosen newspaper. You can also enjoy other discounts and special offers provided over sms/email.  For instance, you may avail special offers like Book 2 Ads Get 1 Free as you book your Gujarat Samachar ad. These lists of offer packages will be showcased on the right hand side of your page once you specify your newspaper, category and edition details. For more information refer to the Gujarat Samachar special discount and offer packages table provided on the Gujarat Samachar rates and offers page.

Here is a list of the basic rates of booking Matrimonial, Recruitment, Property ads for certain editions of Gujarat Samachar:

Basic rate for booking Classified text ads for Gujarat Samachar (Ahmedabad edition) : Rs. 350/ 10 lines

Basic rate for booking Classified display ads for Gujarat Samachar (Ahmedabad edition) : Rs. 550/ sq cm

You can find out more about special discounts and offer packages from the rates and offers page for Gujarat Samachar Classifieds.

Once you have verified the rates , book your Gujarat Samachar ads instantly through these simple steps:

  1. Visit our online Gujarat Samachar Classified Booking Page.
  2. Select your ad category (Choose from Gujarat Samachar Matrimonial, Gujarat Samachar Recruitment, Gujarat Samachar Property and much more). Once this is done pick Gujarat Samachar as your newspaper specifying your package and edition details.
  3. Customize your Matrimonial, Recruitment, Property ad with additional templates, personal notes and other kinds of enhancements.  Select Classified Display as your ad type when adding customizations, or else choose Classified text.
  4. Compose your ad, choose your date and pay instantly online.

You can also contact us through live chat or our email address available on the contact us page of releaseMyAd.

You can also reach us on the following number: 09830629298 (Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday 10am – 2 pm – IST).

Choose to book your Matrimonial /Property/Recruitment  Classified Advertisement in any of the following locations for Gujarat Samachar :-

  • Gujarat Samachar, Ahmedabad
  • · Gujarat Samachar, Baroda
  • · Gujarat Samachar, Surat
  • · Gujarat Samachar, Rajkot
  • · Gujarat Samachar, Bhavnagar
  • · Gujarat Samachar, Mumbai

If you have any query about Gujarat Samachar Newspaper ad then you can directly contact us on 9830629298 or mail at


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