A Basic need of all Ad Agencies – An Attractive Website

Leading Ad Agencies bridging the gap between customer expectations and performance

An advertising agency’s chief function if stripped to its bare essential is promoting the product for its clients. As competition between agencies increase and client needs vary from integrated marketing campaign across mediums to greater accountability, it is of vital importance that agencies travel that extra mile to woo potential clients. The best way to do this is by having a website that is at once captivating, entertaining and informative. We have entered the digital age where every company wants to devote a substantial portion of their marketing budget to advertising over the internet. So all ad agencies are expected to construct or maintain an interesting, appealing website for its clients. An ad agency whose own website is not creative or visually stimulating does not stand much of a chance to attract new customers irrespective of how good their sales pitch maybe.

The website must not be merely functional or good but it should display the optimum levels of creative flair that the agency is capable of. Too many improvisations or an over-abundance of information can lead to the homepage being cluttered, too much flash can lead to long loading times while too little innovation can make the site appear generic or mundane. In order to avoid those frequent pitfalls, let’s focus on some of the ad agency websites which had nailed down the perfect combination of being innovative and interesting.

Even Smaller Agencies are stepping up their game creatively
  1. Innovative Website Design: Instead of developing a traditional website with links leading to clients, work, contact section; it may be developed in a motif of dollhouse or a road sign which immediately demands the attention of the user due to its uniqueness.

    Translation uses the motif of a road sign to direct viewers to the different sections of the website
  2. Using the structure of a Popular Website: However simplicity in website designing can also be surprisingly effective as demonstrated by JWT which uses the popular format of Pinterest’s homepage to attract user-interest. It ensures the website design follows a formula which had already proved to be successful or a structure with which most users feel comfortable.

  3. Focusing on Past Accomplishments: The best way for a company to sell its credentials is to point out its success stories. Ad Agency giants BBDO uses its homepage to list nothing other than its success stories over the past few years. It shows the agency has been consistently successful and its campaigns covered a diverse range of products in a variety of industries. Any potential client visiting the website can be easily impressed with the sheer breadth of past accomplishments BBDO throws at it.

It is to be noted a recently concluded survey still lists Ogilvy & Mather as the advertising agency website which had recorded most traffic. It goes to show though an interesting website goes a long way towards attracting clients, a proven track record is as important as alluring visuals.The focus on building an interesting website increases by the day as even the smaller  ad agencies realize it is not only a tool to promote their business but a showcase of the talents that they bring to the table for any potential client.

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