Here are the 10 Best Examples of Funny Newspaper Ads

10 Funny Newspaper Ads

Newspaper advertisements need not always be serious or direct, they can also be funny and satirical when it comes gaining the attention of the reader or target audience. It isn’t necessary to grab the attention of readers with only catchy images or logos, sometimes even a funny or witty headline or tagline can do the trick for you.

Funny Newspaper Ads have been known to make a huge mark in the advertising industry especially in the sector of newspaper print ads. Be it some funny errors in the classified advertisements or be it some witty taglines to grab the attention of the readers, brands have some time or the other taken the route to the world of comedy to engage their target audiences.

Below are some examples of 10 of the funniest newspaper advertisements ever seen in the print industry:

1.The Choking Elephant ad of Kayaking Jumbo Peanuts is among the best exaggerations for endorsing large-sized peanuts as their objective was to convey that size does matter.

Kayaking Jumbo Peanut Choking-Funny Ad

2. Highlighting the effects of Bad Breath on attendants in an ambulance could not have been better executed by anyone but Listermint Mouth Freshner, which at the same time presents the product as a solution to this common problem.

The Funny Listermint Mouth Freshner Ad

3. Using a Cow on a trampoline to embark on the authentic flavours of a Milk Shake is best implemented by McDonald’s-one of the largest fast food chains of the world.

The Real Milkshake at McDonald’s-Funny Newspaper Ad

4. The concept of Noise Cancelling Headphones could not have been made clearer by anyone else but Bose, the world’s most popular Music accessories brand.

The Funny Noise Reduction Headphones by Bose

5. One of the most popular Funny Job ads was also the work of the ad agency hired by McDonald’s who used racism in their ad copy only to conclude that they are not actually racists.

We hire Individuals-Funny job Ad by McDonald’s

6. Animal Bad breath is one of the rarest problems to be featured in an advertisement with a solution to it as well provided by no one else but Pedigreethe renowned pet food brand of the world.

Pedigree Funny Bad Breath Avoider Ad

7. Highlighting the effect of a Glass cleaner was best featured by this Magician based advertisement by Glassex Window Cleaner.

Glassex Window Cleaner Funny ad

8. Another very creative yet funny ad is by Olympus one of the highly popular Camera brands is the one where they highlight their ‘zooming’ feature of one of their high-end cameras.

Zoom feature highlighted by Olympus in A Funny Way

9. One more epic advertisement is the one where the popular electronics brand Sony promotes their Home Theatre System trying to convey a real life experience of movies with Television.

The Exaggerated Sony Theatre Atmosphere Ad

10. Last but not the least is the Pringles Hot n Spicy chips ads wherein they promote one of their newest flavours in a uniquely funny and witty style.

Pringles Hot And Spicy Hot Air Balloon Ad

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