10 Must-do exercises For A Successful Google AdWords Campaign


Google Adwords is an excellent platform to get quality leads to your website. It is not necessary that you need to spend more in adwords to get more results. You are not required to spend a lot to get a lot from your campaign. Even if you have a small budget you can reach out to the right audience type and get maximum results.

Advertising on Google can get expensive for you if it is not managed properly. It is considered to be a very cost effective medium but lack in tricks to manage the campaign would demand a higher investment. Here’s are a few important tips that can help you get successful Google Adwords Campaign:

  1. Define a clear goagoall.

Clear Goal is very important for the success of any business. Absence of goal would meander to aimless campaign execution with no results. Decide what you want- is it just merely brand awareness or sales? You should be clear as to what action you want your target audience to perform. Identify the goals to get results and measure your ROI.



  1. Follow AIDAS principle to create your Ad.aidas-priniciple

Keep AIDAS in mind while writing your Ad to target your customers..Your campaign should attract Attention, raise customers Interest (giving a perfect offering) ,convincing them to Desire the product(portraying your USP),directing them to take a Action and finally providing them satisfaction by offering the right product on your website. Only if your Ads are relevant you can direct the customer to your landing page.


  1. Don’t mimislead-customerssguide customers.

Your Ads should perfectly correspond to your landing pages that you want your target customers to visit. Your primary keywords should be present in Ad copy and in your landing page as well. You need to make sure your every Ad and ad group is totally relevant to the landing pages that you wish to promote. Any customer who clicks your Ad is looking for a product or service, if your Ads and landing pages portray different messages your customers are bound to get duped. It also accounts for getting you irrelevant clicks for the Ad.



  1. Add negative keywords.

Is your campaign having low CTR? Are you wasting advertising budget on irrelevant keywords? You can regain control over your Ad campaign by adding negative keywords. This stops your Ads from being shown to the wrong people. You can designate the terms that you do not want your Ads to appear. This not only enhances your Quality Score but also helps you get relevant traffic to the website.


  1. Target yotargeted-adsur ads.

A campaign can reach success only if the Ads appear to the right customers. You might have a perfect product, website and Ad but it would be totally useless if you fail to show up to the right people at the right times when your potential customers are searching for you. You can easily get relevant traffic by the fantastic Google targeting options like: keyword targeting, location targeting and device targeting.



  1. Take mobile users into consideration.

Mobiles are an essential element to be taken into consideration while promoting your product on Google. Most of the potential clients make use of mobile to look for products and services. You can promote your business efficiently by targeting these mobile searchers. You also need to have an effective mobile friendly landing page ready for it. This will be helpful in getting you better CTR and quality leads.


  1. Always Tetest-google-adwordsst.

Continuous testing helps you detect irrelevant keywords and Ads for you. You also test your landing pages conversion rate. Try to avoid testing campaign and landing pages together as you would not be able to see which element variation made a bigger impact. Testing is more effective than predictions. You should create variations of your Ad and analyse which ones had the best CTR, low CPC and higher conversions. Once you are able to identify the quality Ads you should again start the process to improve the campaign further.



  1. Employ conversion tracking.conversion-tracking

A conversion is referred to a customer action that is valuable for your business, for example a purchase, download,visit website, signing-up ,etc. We are required to track these conversions so that we perceive the high quality keywords, ad groups and Ads that got us a sale or a lead. It is of great assistance for campaign bid management and optimization. You need to embed the HTML and JavaScript conversion code on the page that customers land on after they’ve completed the required action on the site.



  1. Monitor your campaigns.

If you want to have a successful adwords campaign then your account needs continuous monitoring. You are required to review the campaign and thereafter pausing the ones with low CTR, adding new variations of an under-performing Ad.  Search term report are of great relevance when it comes to optimizing your account, it helps you identify the good and bad keywords giving your campaign a better quality. Regular optimization and monitoring takes your campaign to the next level of success.


  1. Use Remarketing feature.remarketing

Remarketing is the innovative option of again getting back your potential customers to your website. If someone visits your site and drifts away to another site without taking your offerings, the remarketing follows the visitor on other site to get him back to your site again. You can set customised Ads for visitors based on the sections that they have visited. It is a very powerful tool to help you enhance your campaign results.

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