Simplifying the Candidate Hunt for HR Professionals with Newspaper Advertising

Simpllifying Recruitment for Recruiters with Newspaper Advertising

Looking for the right candidate has always been the primary concern for all HR Recruiters, also referred to as Human Resource Recruiter, across different fields of any profession. Everyone is aware of the fact that the task of an HR professional is not only limited to look after the in-house human resource management issues such as timely dispatch of salaries or maintaining leaves and attendance records. The work field of an HR is much vaster than just admin existing employee management, as it extends to hiring reliable, skilled and steady professionals as well as ensuring their retention.

Announce Vacancies through Newspapers for best Results

Platforms for HR professionals to look for Best Candidates

In today’s fast paced world, everyone is running against time to complete their tasks within a given deadline in any professional environment. Even an HR Professional has a deadline to meet every time there is an opening for a particular position in the organisation.

Apart from only in-house HR recruiters, there are numerous recruitment consultancies whose primary work is to provide skilled and relevant candidates to different organisations. Even for them meeting a deadline is highly essential since they offer paid services to the recruiting organisations who are actually their clients. For individual in-house recruiters as well consultancies, there are numerous platforms to look for candidates. Let us evaluate these platforms to know which the best one is. There are mainly 4 ways to reach out to a potential candidate:

Reach out to the Right Candidates with Newspaper Ads

Online Job Portals: Online Job portals have come a long way in helping recruiters hire candidates for different posts in different organisations. Most portals offer free posting of jobs for recruiters to which numerous candidates apply. It sounds like a fair deal for both the applicant and the recruiter as the applicants only have to look for their preferred job options and pick the company or profile they intend to apply for. But the problem with online job listings is that they are liable to receive responses from irrelevant applicants resulting in the need for filtering profiles. Such filtering, adds up to a lot of work for a recruiter as even irrelevant profiles need to be reviewed in order to find the right one. It is often a source of harassment for an HR professional.

Placement Cells: These are mainly available in different colleges and professional degree institutes such as MBA, BBA institutes. Placement cells are quite helpful in choosing applicants as they offer a fresh batch of learners who are willing to work hard and develop their skills. But this mode of recruitment also has negative aspects as it is restricted to hiring only fresh applicants. An organisation cannot find any experienced candidates from such placement cells. Another issue with these cells is that candidates appear for multiple jobs on a single day of placement and if a particular candidate receives call letters from multiple organisations, then those organisations which are not chosen by the candidate have to reconsider the position. They often have to repeat the entire interview procedure. This again is almost equal to harassment for the recruiters and even their options are limited.

Online Classifieds: Nowadays there are certain online portals which enable posting free classified ads for recruitment online. The simple reason why these are not effective is that since the ads are free, they do not bear any credibility and applicants hesitate to apply for these jobs or contact to appear for even an interview. Also these free ads do not provide enough details to the applicant to convince or win their faith, unless there is known brand involved.


Tell Job Seekers About Vacancies with Newspaper Ads

Newspaper Advertisements: There are 2 ways to advertise in a Newspaper, one is in the classified pages and the other is in the page of your preference in a Display format in order to increase or rather maximise your visibility. The advantage of Newspaper Recruitment ads is that being an age old tradition for advertisers as well as serious potential applicants, it imbibes a lot of faith and reliability on the part of the candidate. While online portals and classified ads bring in a large number of irrelevant applicants, newspaper ads invite mainly serious applicants who invest ample time and energy in scrutinizing and looking for jobs. Along with this online portals have character limits and restricts the job description and candidate qualification field, whereas in a newspaper ad you can take up as much space as you wish and provide them with complete briefing to eliminate unnecessary applications. You can also make use of creative designs, company logos and images to attract as much attention to your ad as possible.

When pitted against Newspaper Ads for Recruitment, online job portals and online classified ads or even placement cells, newspaper advertising is a clear winner for 3 simple reasons, as listed below:

1. Reliability and Authenticity

2.Guaranteed Maximum Relevant Responses

3.Reaching out to a Specific Set of Applicants

With these 3 points in consideration newspaper advertising for Recruitment purposes will always win the race. With online platforms like releaseMyAd, which assist the booking of your Recruitment Newspaper Ad through our online integrated platform, you can be rest assured to win the race of finding the right candidate, ‘fast and steady’, rather than ‘slow and steady’.

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