How to book Name Change ads in the newspaper?


Newspaper advertisements have always been the most common and popular means of advertising for laymen like us, who do not have the expertise to design our own ad in order to disseminate a message that we want the world to know. The advertisements that we book can be meant for a public purpose, like eliciting a response as in case of a property ad; or for our personal satisfaction like an obituary ad that lets us display our bereavement and pay homage to our dear departed ones.Change Nae (2)

Newspaper ads can be booked via our online portal at ReleaseMyAd, for which there are a few popular formats, the primary ones being a text classified ad and a display classified ad. Newspaper advertisements are the most important means of advertising, not only for business enterprises and recruitment adverts. There are matrimonial ads, name change ads, recruitment ads and the like. Name change ad is extremely important to the person broadcasting it, and it requires only a few steps for booking it. Yu will be required to choose the proper newspaper at first, the one that has the most relevance to you. If you live in Bengal, and most of your near and dear ones speak the regional language, it is advisable to release your name change advert in the Anandabazar Patrika rather than in the Times of India.

After choosing the newspaper and the proper edition, you will be required to select the category as Announcement. Then proceed by creating and customising your change of name advert in the Compose Ad page, during which you can decide the optimal size and location for your ad. It must be remembered that the ad must be booked 3 days before the intended date of publication, and to complete the booking process, you may make the payment transaction by our online or offline methods designed only for your convenience. There also plenty of sample ads and an online booing tutorial to help you book the ad. For ad rates, refer to our ad rates page.

On a very important note, it must be remembered that since name change ads require a legal verification, proper documents of an affidavit and the like must be produced at the time of booking the ad for the sake of maintaining the goodwill and authenticity of the agency. Thus, booking of name change advertisement becomes easier with ReleaseMyAd.

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