Where to get Ad Samples for your Delhi Times Display Ad?

Sample Ads for Delhi Times Advertisement

Delhi Times is among the most popular supplements in the Delhi edition of the most read daily of India, known as Times of India. It has almost the same readership in Delhi as the main newspaper itself on a daily basis since the supplement is also released daily. The popularity of Delhi Times can also be gauged by the huge interest of advertisers show in it.

This specific City supplement of Times of India has been popularized in Delhi due to the availability of an elite class of readers belonging to affluent families who have a high spending power. This is what adds to the chances of Delhi Times Display ads becoming a success and driving higher sales for the advertiser. But for every advertiser, it is important to know certain facts and tips about booking an advertisement in their preferred newspaper or supplement. So here, are a few facts about the popular Delhi City Supplement of Times of India.

Some Facts about Delhi Times

Sample Retail Ad in Delhi Times
  • First and foremost, there is no specific focus day for releasing your Delhi Times Ad, making it available for different display ad categories
  • Unlike other education, recruitment or property supplements, there are no category limitations on advertising in Delhi Times
  • Delhi Times is published on in Delhi and no other city or region of India
  • The Delhi Times advertising rates for New Delhi are applicable on advertisements published only in the Delhi edition
  • Unlike other City supplements of the Times of India daily, the minimum display ad size for the supplement is about 8 cm X 4 cm and the Delhi Times rates are provided according to different ad size
  • Like all other supplements of Times of India as well as of other newspapers, there are premium charges applicable for page preferences like the front, back and third page of Delhi Times

Many of you may be wondering whether there is any assistance or samples available for advertisements to be released in the newspaper supplement of your choice, which in this case is Delhi Times.

In that case there is nothing to worry, since there are online sample ad sites available for different categories of adverts that can be published.  You can review retail sample ads, entertainment or commercial personal ad samples, recruitment ad samples and more based on your requirement. You can even get your ad released through online newspaper ad booking sites such as releaseMyAd.

You need to follow only 3 simple steps online to get a display composed, booked and published on the preferred release dates, as is described in the Online Ad Booking Tutorial.  This tutorial gets you through the entire online ad booking process as well as the method to be followed for making the payment for your advertisement. One thing you need to keep in mind while releasing an advertisement in Delhi Times, that the ad booking must be confirmed at least 2-3 days prior to the dates for release so that the entire process is completed effortlessly and your ad is published on time.