Sample Ads & Templates to Help You Book Name Change Ads in Newspapers


In case you have changed your name recently, and have no clue whatsoever as to how you should compose your name change advertisement, this is post is meant to help you with the primary dilemma of what information to provide and what not to. This plays a voluminous role in making sure your ad has reached he target audience it is meant for. A quintessential name change advert will have all the proper details, which include your previous name, you newly assumed identity, as well as the name of the figure of authority who can verify that the change has been legalised and officiated under his watch. It somewhat looks like this:

I, Abhiram Kora, changed my name to Abhilash Kora, vide affidavit dated 03-May-2014 sworn before notary G.S.Susheela, Bangalore.


I, Jaikishen Subramaniam, residing at 298 F-Block, Pondicherry-52, have changed my son’s name from Venkatesh Subramaniam to Vineet Subramaniam vide affidavit (Dt:05/08/2009) sworn before notary, D.K.Arjun, Pondicherry.

But a few other things must be kept in mind while booking a name change advertisement, for the sole reason that it undergoes a legal procedure. So the advertising agency must be furnished with the proper documents of verification for the sake of upholding the constitution and the authenticity of the name change. Also, a name is all that a human being has that proves his identity, it is the only thing of importance in proving you are a citizen of this country, hence proper legal documents go a long way in avoiding an identity theft of sorts. Also, the accurate information just be provided, so make sure there aren’t any spelling errors or mistakes with the dates and addresses.

As you already know, you can choose either classified text or display classified as the format for your advertisement. You might choose a text ad for the following reasons:

  • Less expensive than the display ads, charges vary with words/lines.
  • Work like name change ads gets easily done with a simple text ad, comprising simple running text.
  • Can be accentuated with Borders and Ticks. Text can be bold

A display ad will be:

  • More visible and less economical.
  • Using images and logos, to make it look more attractive.
  • Charged according to per square cm.

So, from now on, booking a name change ad is just a mouse click away, with the help of ReleaseMyAd. If this post isn’t sufficient, you will find an abundance of sample ads and an online booking tutorial to help you book change of name ad in the newspaper.