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Winter ushers in the marriage season. Pleasant weather is a factor for families to prefer the cooler months. Lower temperatures means easier digestion for food lovers(Marriage is also about good food!). After all what better place to treat your taste buds for ‘FREE’. Well placing matrimony ads in Times of India is not free. But avail the best packages on offer for matrimonial classified ads by booking online. Times of India with a circulation of over 3.14 million copies offers a wide and varied readership for any matrimonial ad published.Select from the categories being offered by Times of India which is ‘By Age,By Caste,By Religion,By Community,By Nationality,By Profession & more’. Times of India-Classified-Matrimonial-Ad-Booking-Online-Through-releaseMyAd Matrimonial classified advertisements have always been popular. But even in this age, newspapers in India still have a  massive reader  base. We at releaseMyAd.com are committed to provide a user-friendly classified booking website. The offline matrimonial classified ad booking process is labyrinthine. The aim is to create a simple way of booking Newspaper ad with enhanced but easier access via the Internet. This hopefully will help in increasing the advertiser base of newspapers. Some of the popular matrimonial classified ad packages for Times of India are as follows: Shagun-TOI (Del + Jaip + Luckn + Kanp + Chand + Sunday Chand) + Navbharat T Del – For Rs 1485/5 lines National Selection-TOI (Ahm + Bang + Chenn + Del + Jaip + Hyd + Kol + Mum + Goa + Pune + Mys + Mang + Hubli + Nagpur) + Ahm Mirror + Sunday TOI (Chand) + Pune Mirror – For Rs 3080/5 lines Delhi Baraat -TOI(Times Of India ( Delhi + Delhi-Upcountry ) + Navbharat Times Delhi + Classified Special/ Times of India-Gurgaon, Noida Rs.3695 Rs.2800/5 Lines (24% Off)) To know more about the special offers applicable for Times of India matrimonial, check out our Rates & Offers page. Book your ad online for matrimonial Times of India classified ad in 3 easy steps:

1.Select Times of India as newspaper and matrimonial as category.

2.Type in your ad text and choose the enhancements(if any).

3.You can avail the packages offered by Times of India,preview your booking details and make payment(Online-Debit/Credit card,Net Banking   Offline-Cheque/Cash,Neft transfer). Now booking classified matrimonial ads for Times of India is only a click away. Visit Book Your Newspaper Classified Ads - releaseMyAd






  1. what is the procedure for booking matrimonial classified ad in times of india sunday news paper?
    & whai willl be the charges.

    A K Sharma

  2. We would like to give ad in times of india matrimony section pls suggest if someone can come and collect the ad layout

    • You can clear all payments online via credit/debit cards or via net banking. You can also pay offline via cheque or cash through any ICICI branch near you. Book your ad and we will get back to you via email. For further help call us at +09830629298 (Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday 10am – 2 pm – IST).

  3. We would like to place a matrimonial ad in the Sunday Times of India (Delhi region). Can someone collect the ad content and the payment from NCR.

  4. dear sir i wana give a advt. for my brother marrige but i dont know what should i write how much word or line so pls suggest me & sand me advt example.

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