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times-matrimonial-classifieds-sectionTimes of India is one of the most popular newspapers across India. It has gained a massive readership of almost 76.5 lakhs across the entire country and claimed its position as the Numero Uno newspaper of the country. The publication’s readership is higher than that of its next 2 competitors combined, which include Hindustan Times and The Hindu.

The newspaper’s extensive reach ensures that people have completely put their faith in Times of India not only from the viewpoint of acquiring important day to day news but also information in terms of personal requirements such as Matrimony. Times Matrimonial is one of the best ways to look for the better half for yourself, your son or your daughter or even your friends and siblings.

Matrimonial Advertisements in TOI: Matrimonial Ads are mainly of two types, Classified Text and Classified Display. Text Ads are charged in terms of the number of lines, words or characters used in the advertisement as well as the highlights used to make your stand out. Display Classified Matrimonial ads are charged in terms of their size or columns occupied and can include even the picture of the prospective bride or groom and is available in both coloured and black and white format.

Matrimonial Ad Sub-Categories: Matrimonial ads are further categorised as “Wanted Brides” and “Wanted Grooms”. It is quite essential for advertisers to publish their matrimonial ads based on this sub-categorisation as it harps on completely opposite parameters of looking for a partner. Also apart from these there are classification based on Caste, Religion, Community, Profession, Language and Nationality. Such classification helps in focussing on a specific sector of people.

Matrimonial Ads Focus Day: Matrimonial ads are usually published on weekends for the simple reason that seekers and prospective brides or grooms or their families have time mainly on weekends to search for the perfect matches. Times Matrimonial is no exception and is released every Sunday along with the Times Classified Page of Times of India.find-your-match-with-times-matrimonial

Matrimonial Ad Rates: For reviewing the matrimonial ad rates for the Classified Text ads and Display Classified Ads you can visit our TOI Matrimonial Ad Rates Page. The rates for text ads are arranged according to different editions and in order to view the charges in per, you must choose your ad type as Display Classified.

Matrimonial Sample Ads: You can view Matrimonial Ad Samples on our special page dedicated only to matrimonial advertisements. You can use them to get help on creating your own matrimonial advertisements in Times Matrimonial through releaseMyAd.

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