Matrimonial Ads in Hindustan Times Delhi : releaseMyAd shares the perfect recipe!


What is the post about?

Bride and Groom hunting is a tough sport in a metro city like Delhi. While parents and match seekers have a harrowing time, a group of wise individuals trust Hindustan Times Classifieds to do the needful. The trend of finding potential suitors through Delhi city’s favorite newspaper daily continues even in an age when matrimonial and dating websites are at large. releaseMyAd being a newspaper advertising medium attempts in understanding the common hurdles advertisers face while launching their maiden classified campaign on HT Matrimonial and recommends a list of unique solutions.

Hindustan Times is one of the most widely read newspapers in Delhi and North India. Hence it is by far the most preferred newspaper for releasing wanted bride or wanted groom classifieds in HT Matrimonial Pages.  For decades parents and matrimonial match seekers have been using this medium of text classified advertising to get though to potential matches located in and around Delhi.



We at releaseMyAd simplified the process further. We introduced a smarter medium for booking a matrimonial advertisement in HT Delhi. We launched Hindustan Times Official Online Ad Booking  website that helped matrimonial advertisers check the latest HT Matrimonial Rate Card, package offers, multiple  insertion schemes (like 2+1 Ad) etc.


Earlier advertisers in Delhi had to visit the HT Classified Ad s office or contact a local classified agent in Delhi. But now these advertisers could easily come to the HT Ad Website and finish the entire affair in a matter of minutes.


As expected

Alternative Suggestions – (caste name Vaish + Year of Birth) (religion + age + gender)

Ideally provide information that is missing in your original ad matter.

The Advertiser‘s Dilemma (ii): How Many Ads to release?

Suitable match seekers often wonder how many ads are required to find their soul mates. Honestly there is no fixed number or formula that can help such people achieve their goals.  These advertisers want to reach out to the maximum number of individuals relevant to their requirements without wasting too much money.

releaseMyAd’s Solution: Do not fall into the trap of publishing only a single matrimonial ad for your bride or groom in Delhi. We recommend taking an offer like 2 Ads + 1 Free Ad offer. Do not release it on consecutive weeks. Assuming you are releasing your first two classifieds on consecutive Sundays of Week 1 and Week 2, we suggest you wait and await collective responses from the readers.  Leave out the Sunday of Week 3 and release the final ad on the last Sunday of Week 4. We understand your financial constraints and our team of experts are willing to help you optimize your campaign expenditure. Just talk to us at 09830629298 or reach us at

The Advertiser‘s Dilemma (ii): How to reach my target readers?

A major share of matrimonial advertisers has the impression that taking out a newspaper ad in their own city can be enough for getting relevant responses. However this is a myth as there is no guarantee to getting enough responses when you impose such stringent geographic limitations.

releaseMyAd’s Solution: Hindustan Times has structured a list of package offers that ensure your ads can serve maximum readers spread across a wider region; but against a nominal investment.  Packages like Sanjog Metro is ideal for people looking for brides and grooms located in metro cities of the country. We place our bets on package offers like Saath Saath, Sanjog or Sagai that covers almost all important North Indian cities. We thMoreover, choosing these packages also mean you can get an additional spot in the classified section of Hindustan Times Classified Special Pullout that is released on Thursdays.  You can locate these aforementioned matrimonial packages easily from our Online Hindustan Times Rate Card.

The Advertiser‘s Dilemma (iii): How to create my advertisement?

Matrimonial advertisers in HT Delhi are usually guardians or parents looking for perfect partners for their sons or daughters.  Often they are clueless about what to write in the matrimonial ad matter. Certain customers have even shared their concerns about their ad being lost amidst hundreds of other ads published in The Sunday Matrimonial Pages of Hindustan Times Delhi.

releaseMyAd’s Solution: Hence we provide multiple sample matrimonial ad texts that one can use to compose an effective ad creative.  Our experienced customer care agents can also help you compose your classified text advertisements over the phone.  As far as visibility is concerned, your ad can easily stand out if you choose to publish it in a classified display format. These ads grant you the provisions of adding images, attractive designs, custom fonts and are charged according to per sq cm usage.




Here are a few examples of how you can use classified display ad type to your advantage :

Classified display gives the advertiser more space to provide additional details about the bride or groom. Moreover these well designed advertisements are much easier to spot and usually get more response compared to the classified ad text format.

If you think display classified ads are beyond your budget, then highlight the same classified advertisement with a background color or use bold fonts with underline (run on display offer).



The Advertiser‘s Dilemma (iv): Managing Responses.

Generating response is the sole objective behind booking a matrimonial ad in the HT Classified Pages.  The more contacts you provide, the more avenues interested matches have to reach you. But these responses can come in day and night, irrespective of your availability.

releaseMyAd’s Solution: Therefore it is essential you provide an email address along with a contact number. Remember to specify a time range if you are unable to take calls during a particular period of the day. The additional email address help readers connect to you at all times along with relevant documents like horoscopes, kundlis, pictures, biodata etc.

Final tips for Advertisers paying to book a space in HT Matrimonials :

1)      Choose the right categories and sub categories as that determines the relevance of responses received after the release of the advertisement.

2)      Book the advertisement over phone or internet though trusted agencies and pay as directed by the official matrimonial tariff chart of Hindustan Times.

3)      Consult matrimonial experts who are handling thousands of clients every week before deciding on an ad matter. Consider using complimentary ad design services offered on our website.

4)      Time your ad release to perfection. Avoid publishing ahead or just after any festive season.  Give enough time to collect all the response before short listing your list of favorite matrimonial candidates.

Avail all these services at no additional costs on releaseMyAd’s official Hindustan Times Newspaper Ad Booking Website.  For instant assistance reach us at 098306296298 or send in your queries at

We will be glad to feature feedback and comments you share regarding matrimonial advertising in Hindustan Times.