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hindu-matrimonial-ads-in-chennaiLooking for the perfect match is not an easy task and is highly strenuous for the prospective brides, grooms as well as their families. Match seekers are always apprehensive about how to go about the entire process of matrimonial advertising. Often people are not really enthusiastic about sharing their personal contact details through a mass communication platform such as Newspapers. But advertising through the most popular and respected publication like The Hindu eliminates most of the chances of any kind of apprehensions any advertiser might have.

The Hindu has a readership of almost 5.24 Lakhs in Chennai alone and has maintained the position of being the No.1 newspaper for the readers across entire Tamil Nadu. The publication has established a name for itself as one of the most unbiased and enlightening newspapers of India. This level of reputation for any newspaper ensures that the responses for any kind of advertisement will be much more relevant than other newspapers with a much lesser readership and reliability.

Being the most widely read newspaper in Chennai, Hindu is among the most preferred choices for seeking matrimonial matches. We at releaseMyAd make sure that you can publish your Wanted Bride or Wanted Groom advert in Hindu without any hassles online. In order to get your matrimonial advertisement released in the preferred newspaper, we are providing you with the prerequisites of matrimonial advertising in The Hindu through releaseMyAd. We intend to simplify the entire process of seeking the perfect matches with the help of Hindu Matrimonial. We created a dedicated page for The Hindu to enable you engage into Simplified Classified Advertising. For getting maximum value for the money spent on your advertisement and receiving relevant responses, you must keep take care of the following points:

1. Communicating Maximum within limited lines: Most Advertisers are bound by a specific budget and are required to create and deliver their message within limited spaces or words or lines. It is essential for them to fit in as much information as possible within these lines in order remain within their budget. 

RMA Solution: Since you have to keep your ad content within limited number of lines or characters, it is highly recommended you consult our post on Matrimonial Shortened Words. Apart from this you can also create and use email ids that combine a lot of information hinting towards age, caste, groom or bride etc. For instance, if you provide your contact email id as (religion + gender+ age) rather than then you can easily provide three or more information about yourself and your requirements without wasting lines or characters in your ad matter.

Some other examples can be:

2.Number of ads to be released: The number of ads that can be published under the matrimonial category of any newspaper is infinite. Often people wonder about the exact number of ads that is sufficient for getting relevant responses, but no one can provide the exact number of ads that are right for the best responses.


RMA Solution: At releaseMyAd we have a solution for this as well. It is highly advisable that you always opt for insertion offers which provide you with massive savings and constant visibility. For instance you after the composition of your advertisement, on the Dates & Payment page, you can choose Insertions from the special offers section that includes offers like:

  • Book 2 Ads & Save 50% on your 2nd Ad Consume within 2 consecutive weeks
  • Book 2 Ads Get 2 Free (4 consecutive weeks)

3.  Reaching out to Target Audiences: Sticking to strict regional or geographic limitations also limits the reach towards your target audience. Publishing your matrimonial ad only in and around your preferred region can make you lose out on many potential prospective matrimonial matches. 

RMA Solution: The best way to help your matrimonial search for the best match is to reach out to more and more number of regions and cities, because the perfect match might be waiting in any part of the country. The Hindu ensures that you can reach out to maximum number of prospective matches at the best prices with the help of great savings packages such as Hindu Matrimonial All Editions Special Discount Package which helps you save up to Rs.5,000/- and reach out across all the cities that is covered by Hindu.

4.Composing Your Ad Matter: Parents and senior relatives often comprise of the highest number of matrimonial advertisers in newspapers. They face a lot of issues while creating the matrimonial ads as they often are completely unaware of the entire process of newspaper matrimonial advertising. Advertisers also complain about their ads as hardly visible among the hoard of other advertisements in the Hindu Matrimonial Page.

display-classified-matrimonial-in-hinduRMA Solution: ReleaseMyAd offers with an excellent solution for both these issues. For people who are clueless about the ad content of their matrimonial ad, we have designed a special Matrimonial Sample Ads page only for them. You can find both Wanted Brides and Wanted Grooms ad samples which can help you with your ad composition.

In order to make your ad stand out among the huge list of classified ads, we provide you with a Compose Ad section where you can create and design your own ad with the help of our online ad enhancements. These enhancements include background highlights, letter emboldening, ticks and screen borders. You can either use all or selective enhancements as per your choice with just a few extra bucks.

Apart from these enhancements, if you can spend a little more on making your ad stand out, then you can opt for Classified Display Ads rather than Classified Text ads. Display Classifieds have much more features and are charges based on their size in per unit. You can use our online pre-designed templates in either black & white or coloured format. In case of this ad type you can also upload the image of the prospective bride or groom. Such ads are much brighter and relatively easier to spot standing out clearly among all other classified ads in the matrimonial section.

5.Handling Responses: When placing a matrimonial advertisement, the main aim is to drive responses from prospective match seekers. Most advertisers provide multiple contact avenues such as contact numbers, email ids etc. The more the number of contact options, the more responses you are likely to receive. But they can often come in at odd hours, irrespective of the advertiser’s availability. 

RMA Solution: The best way to handle and manage responses to your ads is to either assign a specific email id only for this purpose as well as specifying a time frame based on your availability, within the content of your ad. Email ids enable interested respondents to send in more personal details such as bio-data, horoscopes, pictures, proof of professional qualification, citizenship and more.

Apart from these there are some general tips to follow while booking your matrimonial Ad in The Hindu, which are as follows:hindu-is-best-for-matrimonial-ads-in-chennai

1)  While composing your ad, ensure that you have selected the sub-categories and classifications carefully and accurately so that the ad is published under the most appropriate section

2) You must schedule your ad booking accurately to make sure that it is published as and when you intend to. In case of online ad booking, complete the entire process of booking including payment clearance at least 2-3 days in advance

3) Check the packages and tariff rates directly from the publishing house’s official rate cards to be sure of what you are paying. Also pay via authentic payment gateways online and in case you are uncomfortable with online payments, we also have offline payment options available for you

4)  After the composition of your ad, preview the ad with our Live Ad Preview Feature which gives you a proper idea about how your ad will appear in the newspaper, once published

For more queries you can take the help of the Hindu FAQ page or you can email us at with your exact requirements. You can even call us at +919830629298 for booking your ad via phone. We are also available on our Live Chat window to help you with your queries.

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