Helpful Tips on Newspaper Property Advertising in The Hindu


hindu-property-classified-text-adSale, resale and promotion of real estate and properties is a rampant affair across the whole of Southern India. Chennai being a metropolitan city comes up with a lot of property advertisements. Since the number of real estate classified ads is immense, it becomes essential to make them stand out in huge bunch of other advertisements. In spite of having a large number of property advertisers across the cosmopolitan city, a lot of advertisers are unaware of certain simple ways to get noticed much more easily.

highlighted-classified-text-adreleaseMyAd, apart from simplifying the process of booking classified and display advertisements in newspapers has also taken it up as our responsibility to help advertisers get the best out of their own ads. In spite of choosing a popular newspaper such as The Hindu, often advertisers do not get the responses they wish for. Often display property advertisers take away the attention while classified advertisers fall behind in the race. To overcome this, we have come up with certain potentially helpful tips for Property advertising in Hindu.

Tips to be followed to get noticed:

  • If you are advertising a Property in Chennai, then it is extremely essential for you to provide proper details about the locality and connecting road to ensure that your target customer can reach the area conveniently. Such detail also makes your ad more authentic and it stands out among the rest in lieu of the details provided in it. The following is an example of the same:

Farm housing plots for sale in Chennai, Tiruvottiyur, Near Parrys Corner, Rs.75 /Sqft. Avail EMI@0%interest Contact S.Vijay: 99****1***display-classified-property-ad-in-hindu

  • Classified Advertisers of Property must always try and use colour highlights to make your ads stand out or you can also opt for Display Classified ads in which you can use logos as well as images of the property for sale or rent. These ads are a little more expensive than text ads but are way much lower in cost than Property Adverts. Also they are eye-catchy for most target readers. An example of a Classified Display Property Ad is provided for your preference
  • People often end up losing out on potential buyers when they forget to mention whether the property in question is for sale or resale. It is mandatory to mention that your ad content as it eliminates a lot of irrelevant responses while making the ad more focussed on certain specific buyers. An example of the same has been provided below:

“2 BHK- GF apartment at Fairmont Gardens -1069 sq. ft next to MIOT hospital Chennai with open car park for sale, Contact: Raj Laxmi at


2 BHK- GF apartment at Fairmont Gardens -1069 sq. ft next to MIOT hospital Chennai with open car park for resale: Contact: Raj Laxmi at

The difference between the two ads is created by the fact that properties on resale are often more expensive than the ones on sale as the value of real estate is always on the rise.

  • The next tip to be followed is that your ad should specifically mention whether the property in question is ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Rent’. These two differ from one another for the obvious reason of ownership. Apart from this rented property requires monthly payments while properties on sale required complete payment and official acquisition of the estate. Again specifying the purpose of the advertiser ensures that you get responses from only potential buyers or people interested in
  • Another tip that ensures maximum visibility of your property advertisement is to place it under the weekly property supplement of Hindu, Property Plus. But please know that supplements enable you to publish only display adverts which are charged based on the size and space they occupy on a page. This pullout is released every Saturday along with the main newspaper and is responsible for better responses.
  • The last but not the least, for classified advertisers, it always helps to sub-categorize your advertisement. This ensures that your ad is placed under the specific section for higher focus and relevant responses. It’s all about being present where people are looking for you. These sub-categories include Architects, Buying, Home Décor, Home Finance, Rental, For Sale etc. Apart from these, you can further classify your ad or property type, for instance under the sub-category Buying, there are classifications like Commercial Land, Commercial Building, Factories/Sites, Farm Houses, Resorts, Residential Flat or Land or House, Timeshare etc. Adding such classifications makes sure that the ad is seen by people whom you are targeting

These are some tips that can help you get much better responses for your Property Ad in The Hindu. Apart from these if you have any queries on Property Advertising in Hindu or need more help in getting your ad published in the preferred newspaper, then you can email us at or You can also call us at 09830629298. For more getting instant answers on placing property ads in Hindu, you can also visit the Hindu Property Ads FAQ Section.