5 Reasons why Times of India ads are still a leading choice for Advertisers!

How do you start your day? Do you too, like many other Indians, start it with the first cup of morning chai and the daily newspaper? Newspapers have been a constant source of information for people for as long as one can remember, thanks to some of the major players in the printing industry like Times Of India, Dainik Jagran, Sanmarg, etc.

With the English language becoming the most-spoken language around the world, the demand for English newspapers has been increasing at a constant rate over the years. And when it comes to English newspapers, the first name that comes to mind is the Times of India.

Founded in the year 1838, TOI has been a dominant leader in the English newspaper and digital news media market with a daily circulation of more than 4 million copies. This is one of the many reasons why Times Of India Ads is a hot choice for many advertisers who are aiming to reach a prominent customer base. 

Times of India Classified

With a reader base of 13 million and 13 different editions, the Times of India Ads is leading the game. According to the Brand Trust Report India study 2019, TOI has been recognized as the most trusted English newspaper in India.

Times of India Classified Ads will not only give you a wide exposure but also let you leverage its brand value. 

Apart from the exposure and esteemed brand value, there are a host of other reasons why Times Of India Classified Ads continue to have an assertive hold over advertisers, 5 of the major ones being:

  1.  Better Targeting: Times Of India Classified Ads has the power to reach as far and as small an audience as you need. From targeting a niche audience with specific demographics to reaching out to people in a particular area, Times of India Ads can help you reach your right audience.
  2. Higher Engagement Rate: TOI has been a part of India’s culture for a long time, having built a level of trust among its readers. With Times of India Ads, your audience is more likely to engage with you and revert to your ads. 
  3. Affordable Ad Rates: Even after being one of the disruptors of the print media for decades, TOI makes sure that the advertisers don’t have to burn a lot of their hard-earned money on advertising. Times of India Classified Ads is very affordable as compared to its competitors and other counterparts, giving the advertisers another reason to make it their preferred choice.
  4. Better Flexibility: Times Of India Classified Ads offers you a great deal of flexibility. You can choose everything from the location, size and design of your ad! You have the option to opt for a space of your choice. You can just opt for a small box, multiple ads or even a full-page advertisement. 
  5. Immediate Publishing Feature: Times of India offers a feature where you can publish your ad straight away! So, even if you are running late or have to make an urgent ad posting, Times of India Ads has got your back.

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