Opting for the Best Newspaper for Your Ads of Property in Coimbatore

Ads of Property in Popular Newspapers of Coimbatore
Buy/ Rent and Sell Property in Coimbatore with Newspaper ads

There is always a demand for property in a country like India. With an ever-increasing population and migration between states and cities, the demand for property also keeps on increasing. This is simply because, more people need more space to live which is the effect of a rise in population and new people migrating to a new city or town also need a roof above their heads.

People migrate to different places for different reasons-job, education, career, family, health issues etc. But under any circumstance every human being needs a place to stay. A house is one of the major basic necessities in the life of every individual and this is what keeps the real estate industry thriving. If there is a demand for property then there has to be supply as well and there should also be a mode or a platform where this demand and supply can come in contact with one another. This communication is essential since one is always out of balance without the other.

In both these cases there is one thing that links them together-ads of property, especially newspaper property ads. Just like every other city in India, this demand and supply relationship also exists in Coimbatore, one of the most well off cities situated in the southern section of India in the state of Tamil Nadu. Much like many other metropolitan and cosmopolitan Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai, Coimbatore too receives a steady in flow of emigrants from different states. Let’s find out the reasons behind this demand and supply of property in Coimbatore.

Reasons behind the Demand-Supply for Property in Coimbatore

A property ad in Coimbatore in a Newspaper
  • This emigration occurs primarily due to job transfers or relocation for better career opportunities
  • Many of the immigrants also return to their native city to permanently settle there
  • Another major reason for property sale, purchase and rent is that often people get bored of staying in the same place and need to change their abode to get rid of the boredom
  • Some people need a bigger house as time goes by and family members increase
  • While some people intend to shift to a location within the city which is closer to their work place or their children’s school or college
  • Some People also intend to sell of their houses as they themselves may be leaving the city to settle in a new place
  • Real estate developers also need to expand their business which makes them engage in making new and bigger projects
  • When a city develops it creates space for a lot of new infrastructural development which includes sale of old and dilapidated buildings or houses for developing new complexes or malls
Pick & Choose the right Property in Coimbatore

These are some of the primary and important reasons why people look for new property or want to sell of their own. Some people also give their property on rent to students, professionals and newly shifted families, which in turn helps the Landlord or Landlady acquire a source of extra income as well. With so much demand and ample supply of property, which is the best platform that is best for these ads of property? Well, the answer is the ever trusted Newspapers!

It is one of the oldest sources for searching as well as selling or renting out any property anywhere in this country. In Coimbatore too most of these property exchanges, selling, purchasing and renting out takes place through newspapers. Therefore we have provided you with a list of the top 5 best newspapers to publish your ads of property in. The newspapers are enlisted in order of their popularity in the city and the language in which they are published is also mentioned along with their circulation:

  1. Dinakaran– This is the most popular newspaper of Coimbatore with a circulation of about 1.72 lakhs and is published in Tamil
  2. DinamalarDinakaran is followed very closely by another Tamil daily in Coimbatore which is Dinamalar with a circulation of about 1.19 lakhs
  3. The HinduThis newspaper is popular across entire Tamil Nadu and is published in English in Coimbatore with a circulation of about 1.1 lakh
  4. Daily ThanthiThis is the 4th most popular newspaper and 3rd most widely circulated Tamil daily of Coimbatore which has a circulation of about 1 lakh
  5. The Times of India TOI is the most popular English newspaper all over the country but has only 78,500 copies circulated in Coimbatore

This list has been provided to help you understand and evaluate your newspaper options for your property ads in Coimbatore. For more help you can consult our Newspaper Decider Tool or you may email us on book@releasemyad.com or questions@releasemyad.com. You can also call us on 09830629298.