SOLD! How to place a Property Ad that gets you a buyer in 3 days?


Trying to sell off properties can often leave you in a soup. The market is steep and the right strategies, dicey. But don’t just give up yet. Here are a few ways that will literally get you out of your tight spot:

  • Choose a trusted newspaper to kick start your process. Securing a place in the advertisement section of a reputed esteemed daily will not only mark you as a genuine seller but also help you attract authorized buyers.
  • Provide clear pictures of the property you wish to sell. It is needless to say that authentic pictures of the space that is on sale, is the primary magnet to attract buyers.
  • Mention clear details of the location and descriptions of the property. Make sure you mention the location, proper price if you are open to negotiations etc. This will ensure that only the prospective buyer reaches.
  • Highlight the strengths. As in, properly describe the space to underline its facilities and the accessibilities. This will make your advertisement appear lucrative and overall lively. Get creative with it!
  • Avail special promotion to your listing. Although this cannot always be an option, nevertheless, convincing the buyer that they might miss a golden opportunity if they let it go will naturally act as a nudge.
  • However, don’t be hyperbolic. Trying to oversell can often misrepresent your intentions and the entire act will run the risk of appearing a fraud. After all instigating doubts in the buyer’s mind is the last thing you would want as a seller.

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