75% of all property in India is sold via newspapers. Advertise yours Today!


A warm cup of beverage and a crisply folded newspaper have been waking us up, more than the most effective alarm clock on the planet. The turning and scanning of pages, at this point, come off almost habitually and the modern man, to this day, refuses to let go of it.

Newspapers have a sense of credibility associated with it and especially for property sellers, says study. It says given the online space is Ad clutter of property sellers, given most of them are free. Buyers tend to rely highly on property ads in the newspaper. This is precisely why the tiniest corner in an esteemed daily has an easy edge over any random article hovering online. This is where your choice of placing property ads on newspaper comes to play. Reserving a place in any newspaper of your choice to ferry informations does not only lend it a grave sense of authenticity but also helps you reach beyond your immediate neighbourhood. Reaching out for a space in the newspaper to convey your needs is always a smart move. Over 80% of buyers actually see a property Ad in the newspaper and make the effort of calling the seller. Over 40% even go to the site for a visit.

Now let us consider otherwise. Suppose you are a potential seller trying to market a particular property. In a word-of-mouth way of marketing, you would first have to look for interested buyers. You have to then approach and advertise to them individually. Even if you manage to get a middle man to take care of these, you will get involved in a great deal of unwanted money laundering. You see where you are getting right? You can literally skip the monotony like magic by just choosing to approach a newspaper you are ready to place your faith on. Infact, such a step will not only qualify you are a genuine seller but will also ensure that you only get approached by qualified buyers. The whole process you will eventually come to see, is only easier, but far more efficient.

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