65% of Successful Arranged Marriages happened via Newspaper Matrimonials. Discover How?


Indians come with their own set of idiosyncrasies. We like our food spicy and our celebrations loud! Also, Indian parents should altogether have a separate place in the dictionary. We have a reputation for being over-attached to our offspring. This extends out particularity in searching for the most particular bride/groom for our children. Therefore, this never-ending search for the most suitable boy or the perfect girl.

Marriage, especially in India is a pious act of unison. Indians have always regarded the holy act of matrimony as a step towards eternal bonding and the true representation of “till death does us part”. It should only be natural then that we as parents are extremely meticulous about the entire process and have relied on the process of carefully chosen arranged marriages.

However, right from the time when “swayamvars” were popularly held, the concept of arranged choices has existed. It is interesting how this method could serve the need to put across our demands and allow the flexibility of being able to choose and reject all at once. This is exactly what the modern Indian man pursues while looking for their prospective better half; and if anything, the option of matrimonial ads in newspaper makes this idea not only accessible, but easy.

So if you are thinking about considering matrimonial ads in newspaper to help you find the perfect bride for your son or the appropriate groom for your daughter, here is why you are right:

  • Newspapers will allow your voice an exposure that no amount of individual connection will.
  • Newspaper will provide a space for you to distinctly put across your expectations and desires.
  • The step will ensure that you are only approached by equally interested candidates.

There is a reason why this particular practice of taking recourse in the credibility of newspaper have survived across generations; and as far as the tediousness of the whole process is concerned, releaseMyAd has got you covered.

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