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The Hindu Advertisement
The Hindu Newspaper-Front page

When we think of advertisements, we also think of the mediums used for advertisements to reach out to the audience intended. Since the inception of advertising, one medium has been constant-Newspapers. Newspapers have always been the fall back option as well as the primary option for advertisers across different sectors of products and services and even personal advertisements.

People have quite often expressed their preference for newspapers as a platform for acquiring maximum customer response or audience feedback. This is specially the scenario in case of Personal advertisements like Matrimonial, Personal Messages, Seasonal Greetings, Obituary, Remembrance and even individual Property sale or purchase.

India has almost more than 82 thousand newspapers including English, Hindi and regional language broadsheets and even tabloids. But among these there are a handful of favourite newspapers of readers as well advertisers. Even though National English dailies have a wide circulation and massive readership but English Newspapers which has more number of editions in a specific region are also quite effective when it comes to advertising, branding or promotional campaigns.

One of the most popular English newspapers which has a better regional presence than national recognition is Hindu. The Hindu is headquartered at Chennai Tamil Nadu and is printed in English as well as Tamil. It has an all India circulation of 14.66 lakh copies per day with a humongous readership of 22.58 lakhs according to the Average Issue Readership (AIR).

Matrimonial Ads in The Hindu

The Hindu has a circulation of almost 4 lakhs in Chennai alone and a readership of 5.4 lakhs. This particular broadsheet has earned a lot of fame and created a highly respectable position for itself across the country. It is considered to deliver the most ethical and qualitatively flawless editorial content contributed by the most dedicated batch of journalists. This kind of unbiased news content has helped the publication acquire immense trust and faith of the readers. It is quite evident that if readers have faith in a newspaper then more advertisers will be interested in advertising in that particular newspaper to acquire the same faith of the audience in their own brand. An official association with a trusted newspaper name in turn ensures faith of the reader in the advertiser as well.

This is only one of the reasons to advertise in Hindu, there are several other reasons why your ad should be a Hindu Advertisement. The reasons have been enlisted below with brief descriptions and illustrations for enable better understanding for an advertiser like you. Some of the reasons are specific to certain newspaper categories which are meant to help advertisers intending to place their Hindu Advertisement in that section.

Reasons to Advertise with the Hindu

  • The Hindu ensures quality as far as content is concerned and quality news means quality readers who are genuinely interested in keeping themselves updated about daily affairs in the country. This helps advertisers understand their readers better and cater to their needs more efficiently, in turn ensuring high value for your Hindu advertisement
Hindu-Tamil Edition

For Instance, if you own a Jewelry shop which offers high end products with exclusive designs located in Chennai and you intend to reach out to the more well off English speaking audience, then a Hindu advertisement in a display format on one of the most prominent pages is likely to get your brand name the attention it needs.

  • Hindu is a brand that imbibes faith and faith in case of a newspaper publication means faith in the advertisers in that publication as well. Advertising in a trusted name like the Hindu, makes the readers trust you much more easily than an ordinary newspaper with barely any audience loyalty.

    Hindu Empower-Recruitment Pullout

If you intend to look for a match for your son or daughter then a classified matrimonial advertisement in Hindu will get you maximum relevant responses since it is a trusted newspaper. A newspaper in which people express their faith due to its content ensures that its readers are genuine and display a certain standard matching the standard of the publication itself. So by advertising in Hindu, not only are you setting a standard for yourself and imbibing the faith of the respondents but you are also ensuring that the prospects expressing interest in your ad are also genuine and match your own standard.

  • The Hindu is India‚Äôs 3rd most popular newspaper and it has claimed this space in spite of having its roots in Southern India. Its popularity and large circulation tends to reach out a really wide audience with different demographics and age-groups. Hindu is popular not only among professionals and middle-aged people but also among the current youth. The youth of today is quite mature and enlightened in terms of knowledge and information and it prefers Hindu over many other popular newspapers. A discussion on a public forum named Quora which is highly popular among the youth, almost all the comments are in favour of Hindu being the best newspaper of India in terms of quality and genuineness. So if you intend to reach out to the younger audiences effectively for Recruitment then a Hindu advertisement might just do the trick.

For example, if you are interested in hiring young skilled candidates with an impressive educational background for your organization then an impressive and prominent ad in Hindu or its recruitment pullout Empower is sure to get you the candidate responses you want. The quality and capabilities of the candidates applying through an ad in Hindu is likely to be much higher than responses received for an ad in a local newspaper.

Promotional Ads Made by The Hindu

These reasons also tell us that Hindu has maintained its space and demand for an audience which is currently the strongest and most influential among all. It targets the middle class and the upper middle class readers, young and old combined and this audience not influences the democratic system of India but also makes or breaks brands. They are the most difficult to please and Hindu has managed to please them well so if you know what your audience should be like and if it matches with that of Hindu then join hands with the publication in advertising for the best results.

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