Property Advertising in Newspapers


“The reason why men enter into society is the preservation of their property.”

~John Locke (English Philosopher & Physician)

times-property-adsWhy is there a need to advertise a Property? A vacant property is no more considered to be a barren land. Instead, individual properties and Real Estates today are gradually materialising into valuable lands that can earn huge profits. Owners are no longer allow their Property to become arid lands. They are built into buildings and houses that are designed and furnished well enough to attract the prospective tenants who would be genuinely interested in buying such properties. The growth in the Population Curve of India is a major reason why property ads are becoming so popular among newspaper classified advertisements. The demand is high and hence the supply should be more. Everyday there are huge numbers of newspaper property advertisements which are getting published. Why do we need to advertise about our Property in Newspapers? pp 1 The best way to find prospective tenants, buyers and even sellers and hence keep them informed about your vacant or To-Rent property is to advertise about them in newspapers. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore etc. people have a high standard of living. Naturally, they look out for properties, houses and land that will meet their needs and expectations. Since, these cities are mostly dominated by professionals; a major chunk of them will look out for the best newspapers to find information about Properties that are on sale or on rent. Also, newspapers are the best source of information for users who do not have an easy access to internet or do not rely on the Internet as a source for Property exchanges since a lump sum of amount of money. What are newspaper property ads? A Property advertisement is placed in newspapers to advertise a house, flat, rooms or lands that are on Sale/Rent/or available for Buying/Accommodation. A large number of small, medium and big proprietors of lands and buildings choose newspapers considering it the best option to advertise their property projects. Individual proprietors mostly publish text and display classified property ads whereas Big Real Estate Proprietors, Luxury Flats and Buildings publish display ads to promote their projects attracting maximum attention.

Choosing the Best Newspaper to Publish Your Property Ads:

Display Property Advertisement in Newspaper

Newspapers leading in the competition of Property advertising are the Times of India, Hindustan Times, the Hindu , Economic Times, Dainik Jagran, Deccan Chronicle, Malayala Manorama etc.

These newspapers anyway are the leading choices in specific regions like the Indian Metropolitan cities and target most of the property ads getting published in them every day. The Times of India is the best newspaper to publish any kind of property ads like property ad for sale, property ad for rent, property for accommodation, real estate ads in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Gujarat, and Bangalore.

But the choice of newspaper always depends on the location where the ad is to be published. For example, apart from Times of India, Anandabazar Patrika is the first choice to publish a property ad in Kolkata. Similarly The Hindu is the first choice in Chennai, the Deccan Chronicle in Bangalore, and Maharashtra Times in Mumbai.

Book Property ads online in all Indian Newspapers:

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