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Classified Change of Name Ad

Change of Name advertisements are the most common category for classified advertising in newspapers across India. People get their names changed or corrected for several reasons but for maintaining the citizenship of any country and also to keep ID proofs it is important to make an announcement about the change in your name.

Until now most newspapers required you to publish your Change of Name advertisement under the Announcements section, the sub-category being “Change of Name”. But now all the popular National, as well as Regional newspapers, enable you to book your ad under a separate category named Change of Name. Therefore, even releaseMyAd-India’s largest online newspaper ad booking agency,also created a simpler and more direct process of booking your Name Change ads in Newspapers of your choice.

The popularity and frequency of Change of Name ads in Newspapers is what drove releaseMyAd to implement a separate web page dedicated to only Change of Name advertisements.

Features of the Change of Name Page

  • On the Change of Name page of releaseMyAd you can start booking both Classified text and Classified display ad directly by choosing the ad type
  • You can also review Change of Name Sample Adverts to get help with the composition of your own ad matter
  • You can also pick the preferred newspaper and click on it from the footer section (bottom of the page) which will directly take you to the page wherein you can choose the ad type and the package or edition
  • In case you need more help with you change of name adverts, there is also an FAQ section provided on the same which enlists all the latest queries on Name change announcements
  • Apart from these, there are some highlighted sample text ads towards the bottom of  the page

Some Useful Facts About Publishing Change of Name Ads

Classified Display Name Change Adverts
  • Change of Name ads are only published in Classified format which includes both classified text and classified display
  • Any change of name advertisement in a newspaper should be accompanied by a Notarized Affidavit duly signed by a Gazetted Officer testifying the change in your name
  • The content of the ad must also include the complete address of the person whose name has been changed
  • It is always better to publish Change of Name ads in newspapers with low ad rates as they are more of a necessity than a luxury or a promotional ad
  • Also these announcements should be published in at least 2 newspapers, of which one must be a regional or local newspaper

How to Get your Ad Published

  1. 1.       Visit Change of Name@releaseMyAd, choose the ad type, newspaper and location
  2. 2.       Take the help of the Ad Samples and then create and highlight (if need be) your Name Change Ad and preview the same
  3. 3.       Finally select the dates when it should be released and then proceed to make the payment via online or offline methods of payment as per your convenience

Once your ad is booked and payment is received, an invoice with all the ad booking details is sent to you via email, confirming the booking and the release of your ad after confirmation from the publication’s editorial department.

So for more queries or getting your ad booked with us you can email us at or or chat with us on