How Effective is Recruitment Advertising in Hindu?


Hindu is the most popular English newspaper in Chennai, Bangalore and all other metropolitan cities of Southern India. The newspaper has attained a position of such popularity and reverence due to its news and editorial content along with the quality of the content that is printed in it.

Hindu Empower-Recruitment Supplement of The Hindu

The Hindu is also highly popular among Print advertisers in southern Indian as well as other regions of India. The newspaper has a wide reach of around 15.58 lakhs every day and its popularity has helped it acquire almost 22.58 lakh readers across India. By most intellectuals and avid newspaper readers, Hindu is considered to be the best newspaper as far as news content is concerned establishing it as one of the most trusted newspapers for readers. A newspaper which is trusted by readers is always an excellent target for advertisers. Higher trust in the Newspaper also imbibes more trust in the advertising brands.

Now this is an opportunity that every advertiser must explore in order to increase their reach and promote themselves. Recruitment advertising requires you to have maximum reach across targeted regions. In case of recruitment ads in newspapers, the newspaper is as crucial as the ad content. This is because reaching out to the target areas are ascertained by the newspaper editions and its circulation.

In the Southern region of India, job opportunities are also extremely high, especially in the IT sector. There are innumerable MNCs and Indian IT companies which employ thousands of people every month and they need a channel or a stable platform to reach out to their prospective employees. Hindu provides the most ideal platform for reaching out aspiring job seekers in South India and also other regions of India where people are interested in relocating to these target regions.

How Hindu Reaches out to Employees

  • Hindu has a special Recruitment Supplement for Employers which enables you to publish only Display Recruitment advertisements to seek out the best employees. This pullout, earlier known as ‘Opportunities’ and now known as ‘Empower’ is an ideal portal to reach out to job seekers on a wide range
  • Hindu has a specific focus day for Recruitment Advertising which ensures that necessary job openings, situation vacant announcements reach out to serious and eligible candidate. This is because knowing that the focus day is Wednesday, only serious candidates would take the pain to search and apply for relevant jobs
  • Finally, Hindu always ensures that along with advertising Job Openings, they also add interesting content relevant to the category of the supplement which intrigues and attracts more readers, increasing the number of viewers for the recruitment ad in Hindu

How Hindu Ensures Employers’ Satisfaction

  • Hindu provides a wide reach in highly important cities, some of which are major IT hubs such as Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Hyderabad City etc. where now a huge percentage of Indians are incessantly recruited
  • It provides really Economic ad rates for recruitment advertising compared to many in spite of its massive popularity in South India and covers almost all the states of the southern zone
  • A specific Recruitment supplement makes it easy for advertisers to target a specific day to get their ads out for release and they can prepare for it well in advance or or You can also call us at 09830629298.   You can also visit out Hindu FAQ section to get specific and detailed answers about advertising in the newspaper.