Which newspaper in Mumbai offers the cheapest rates for announcement classified ads?



Announcement Advertising with Newspapers

Announcement ads are the most common form of classified ads across India. Announcement ads include a substantial number of important sub-categories which include Lost and Found, Change of Name, Public Notice & Tenders etc.

Among these, the most commonly booked ad under the announcements category is Change of Name, be it for official purposes or personal. The next most commonly published announcement ads are Public Notices and Tenders. Public Notice ads directly come under the category of public announcements and therefore are considered to be a sub-section of Announcement Ad category. Tender Ads are linked with business ads but come under the Announcement section since tenders are supposed to be quotations relayed to other companies for which the tender has been filed.

Among other slightly less frequently published newspaper announcements, Lost & Found Ads top the list. They are often published as official announcements as a result of loss of any essential document like ID proof, Citizenship Card, Power of Attorney, Mark sheet, Legal Wills and other legal or official documents. People publish Lost and Found Ads more rarely for the purpose of recovering it.

Since the sub-categories are different from one another, their newspaper requirements are also different, especially in an expensive city like Mumbai. For Announcement Ads in Newspapers, ensuring the importance, rates and circulation of newspapers read across the preferred region or city is highly essential. ReleaseMyAd, as the largest online ad agency for Newspaper Ads in India, have always aspired to ease the Classified Ad Booking Process for Newspaper Advertisers.change-of-name-ads

releaseMyAd has a special tool with the help of which you can  choose the preferred newspaper in the city of your choice-the Newspaper Decider Tool. On this page you can see all the newspapers that are published across Mumbai along with their circulation details and the rates and packages available for Announcement Advertisements in Newspapers of that region.

How to choose the Best Newspaper As Per the Category

Among all the newspapers, listed under Mumbai Announcement Ads, the Times of India is the most popular newspaper and in spite of being popular and having a wide circulation, it has a low ad rate than other less popular newspapers. This makes TOI an ideal option for Public Notice and Tender Advertisers as well as Lost & Found advertisers as in case of both these sub-categories maximum reach is essential.

Lost & Found Newspaper Advertisement

Now in case of Change of Name ads in Mumbai, Midday (English) and Punya Nagari (Marathi) are two of the best newspaper options. The rates for these newspapers are quite low and since Name change ads are anyway required to be published in 2 local newspapers, they make the best pair.

So basically, for an ad to be published under announcements, you need to first analyze the needs of the sub-category under which the ad is being placed, whether it’s economic rates or high visibility and then accordingly choose the newspaper.

How to Book Announcement Ads with Minimum Efforts

  • Visit the Announcement Sample Ads page of releaseMyAd
  • Choose the Sample ad you like and click on the ‘View Complete Ad’ button
  • Review the ad matter and the click on ‘Use This Text to Book Your Newspaper Ad’ button
  • Select the preferred newspaper and then location as Mumbai or any other preferred location
  • Now add highlights if required or just preview the ad and then proceed to confirm the release dates and make the payment

ReleaseMyAd aspires to simplify the ad booking process for Newspaper Advertisers all across India and therefore we also provide support over chat/email and phone. So you can chat with us to know more about Announcement Ads in Mumbai or you may email us on book@releasemyad.com or questions@releasemyad.com as well as call us on 09830629298.