Which is the Best Newspaper Daily for Obituary ads in Delhi?


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Obituary-bhog-ceremony-hindustan times
Obituary-bhog-ceremony-hindustan times

Newspaper Advertisements have now set a new benchmark in the print media. Particularly in the Indian metropolitan cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune etc, category ads like Property, Matrimonial, Recruitment, Obituary, and Business have become the most popular ads that get published frequently in the newspaper broadsheet.

One such favoured ad category which is growing immensely in the metropolitans is the Obituary advertisements. In a diversified country like India, we regard Obituary ads as a fond way of remembering and paying our deep condolence and homage to the dear ones whom we have lost with the passage of time. We Indians, stand firm in our rituals and traditions. And this is the main reason why we choose to express our emotions by announcing the funeral ceremonies, death anniversaries, Remembrances, Bhog Ayojans, Memorials and Masses through the medium of newspapers.

If we consider Delhi as the Indian Capital, the city has different communities including Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs and Christians. A common man might often find it dicey to choose the best newspaper for an Obituary Ad. In such circumstances, it is always wise to choose the Newspapers with a wide circulation. Some of the best options for placing Obituary Advertisements in Delhi are Hindustan Times and the Times of India among English Dailies. Among regional language newspapers Hindustan, Navbharat Times, Punjab Kesari and Dainik Jagran are the newspapers which are fall among the top 5 in Delhi.

Why Hindustan Times is the Best English Daily for Obituary Ads in Delhi?

People place an Obituary ad with the intention to notify and inform friends and families so that they should be by our side while performing the last rite for our lost loved ones or reminisce with us. Therefore, opting for a newspaper with an extensive reach and high circulation is a wise decision.

Since Delhi is among the oldest metropolises of India, the competition between advertising platforms is huge. There is a constant battle among all the leading English and Regional Newspapers to establish themselves as the best.


Headquartered at Delhi, Hindustan Times has been regarded as the most widely read newspaper across the capital and is also best known for its higher circulation compared to other newspaper publications in Delhi, North India and surrounding areas. In Delhi, newspapers are the most popular mode of advertising under Matrimonial, Recruitment, Obituary and Property.

In this tug-of-war between age-old newspapers like Hindustan Times, Hindustan, Navbharat Times, Dainik Jagran etc the best have only transcended the battle & stood out. Along with popularity and readership, came higher values of authenticity. Hindustan Times promises authenticity along with affordable rates for your obituary ad in Hindustan Times. These are the primary reasons why it is recommended as the best choice of newspapers for Obituary ads in Delhi.

Regional Newspapers in Delhi to choose to place Obituary ads in

Since Hindi is the most commonly spoken language in Delhi, regional newspapers are often preferred over English Dailies for Obituary Ads. In case of regional newspapers, the most preferred options are Hindustan, Navbharat Times, Dainik Jagran, and Punjab Kesari due to their popularity in Delhi. Dainik Jagran is widely popular for its extensive reach in Delhi and nearby areas like Agra, Aligarh while Navbharat Times has over 20 lakh readers in Delhi alone.

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