What are the shares of Leading Categories of ads which are booked online through our website?

Matrimony Ads top the list of Newspaper Ad category

       ReleaseMyAd offers numerous advertising categories for different newspaper advertisers. Some of the frequently booked ad categories include Matrimonial, Appointment, Property, Obituary, Business, Education and more. The Leading Categories of Ads, in order of their frequency, which are booked online daily through releaseMyAd.com, are as follows:

  • Matrimonial
  • Recruitment/Appointment
  • Property
  • Obituary
  • Business

Under the Matrimonial category, parents & individuals, who are in search of a potential match for prospective grooms or brides, place their adverts with certain specifications and contact details for further communication. In most Newspapers, Matrimonial Ads are published on Sunday. Out of 24 categories present on the website, Matrimonial ads top the list with 32% share when it comes to contributing to the total revenue generation. This is because the trend is changing from traditional way to modern way. Today’s Youths are internet savvy. They are more relied on internets. This could be a big reason of giving matrimonial ads through internet. Our site is having a convenient and easy method of booking ads and making payments instantly.

Recruitment ads are a big contributor to the total number of ads that are booked through our websites and occupies about 19% share. These are ads which are mainly booked by Big Companies (Employer) or Consultancies are further sub categorised as “Situation Vacant”, while Job Seekers get their ads published under “Situation Wanted”.

Business Ads rank 5th among top 5 Newspaper ad categories
Property Ads are the 3rd most frequently published Newspaper Ads

Property ads constitute of 18% of the share of total ads booked at origin-of-newspaper-advertisingeducation-ads-rank-9th-in-top-10-ads Education Ads are the 9th most often booked newspaper ads[/caption]

ReleaseMyAd provides an integrated platform for those who barely find time from their daily busy schedule to book Ads. We have tie-ups with all reputed Indian newspapers and are authorised to take classified and display ad bookings on their behalf. Advertisers all over India and even overseas can conveniently publish their ads in leading newspapers through releaseMyAd.com.

The graph represents the top 10 leading categories according to the percentage of their share in total revenue contributed to releaseMyAd.

Top 10 Leading Categories in Newspaper Advertising


Author’s Bio: The article has been developed by one of our newest team members Aayushi Sinhawho’s part of the Finance team and designated as Media and Accounts Executive. Within a very short span of time she has taken up many crucial responsibilities in the Accounts Department and has also contributed to our effort of reaching out to advertisers through her write-up. Her effort is appreciated and we thank her for her creative contribution.