How is the Internet joining hands with traditional newspaper advertising?

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When was the last time any of you had to think of booking an ad but could not do it online? When was the last time you had to contact an offline agent for assistance in ad-booking? When was the last time you had to contact a newspaper directly for placing an ad?

Book Newspaper Ads at the Click of a Button

Now these questions might be valid for people who might not have had the option or opportunity to use an online portal but for most of us the answer would be, “I can’t remember.” Such is the reality of the relationship between newspaper-internet-ad-world. Quite a few newspapers these days have their very own site for ad-booking. But browsing through all of them at the same time can make it quite unappealing for your business or personal requirements. This is where we come in. releaseMyAd provides you with what you may call a “fast-lane” access to what you are looking for in terms of your ad posting needs. Whether its pricing, content, rate comparisons, secure and easy payment options, creative assistance or fast bookings within a deadline, we make sure of providing it as easily and efficiently as possible.

Making an appointment with a local agent or visiting a local newspaper house for your ad posting can be undesirable at times and also a hindrance to meeting your deadline. What if your requirement is to post in multiple newspapers across the country? Could you do that in a matter of hours from the comfort of your office or home? Efficiency, convenience, and utilization are three key factors to consider when it comes to reaching the masses with your product or service for the desired outcome. Online ad-booking is the best way to go in today’s world where every other contender is sparring for your position at the top. At releaseMyAd, we assist you in achieving this in as simple a way as possible. We provide you with easy booking options and efficient payment procedures. Take a tour of our online newspaper ad booking portal at the Online Ad Booking Tutorial.

releaseMyAd Online Advertising Initiatives

When it comes to taking the troubles to make the payment to release your ad, the internet, and the online payment gateways provide you with several convenient and reliable options. You can choose to make your payment online through the following:

  • Credit Cards/Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro)
  • Net Banking

For customers staying abroad we have the payment option of

  • Wire Transfer (Bank Transfer) to our US Account in Chase Bank, New York.
  • Paypal

Apart from the above online options, there are offline payment options as well for the conventional advertisers and those options are:

  • Cash/Cheque Deposit
  • Cash Collection from Home /Office
  • NEFT (Online Cash Transfer)
Advertising Simplified with Online Booking

So next time when you think of publishing a Classified or Display Ad in one or multiple newspapers and locations think of us and be a part of the integration of modern day technology and traditional newspaper advertising.