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Radio is as stunning platform to connect listeners and brands through the power of music. In India around 250-300 million listeners tune in to radio everyday for entertainment and infotainment. Indians wake up listening to radio, travel and work listening to radio and finally wind their day listening to radio.Nevertheless “the radio” feature is incorporated in all the devices like -mobile, TV, refrigerator, car, computer system, etc. Radio is the ultimate soundtrack of our day to day lives. Radio is a great entertainment medium for listeners and the most effective platform for businesses to reach the right customers at the right times.

It is the most result-driven platform for advertisers. Brands get easily connected to the captive listeners and gets imbibed in their memory. It has a proven record, whatever be your business objective radio would definitely suffice it. You can reach any audience type via radio because this is the sole medium which has universal audience type. Radio is undoubtedly the most ideal platform for business to promote themselves in the most cost effective manner.

Here are some of the cities where radio advertising is a very popular and effective medium to reach out to your potential customers:

  • Kolkata– The “city of joy” takes radio to be the primary mode of entertainment and news. The general picture is that you see most of the Kolkatans with their earphones on listening to radio. You will see this scenario in buses, roads, restaurants, colleges,etc…The people here love music and radio is the perfect treat to them. Here are some the favourite radio stations of the people of Kolkata:

Big FM, Red FM, Radio Mirchi, Fever FM, Oye FM, Power FM, Aamar FM, AIR FM Gold, AIR FM Rainbow, AIR Vividh Bharati, Prasar Bharati-All India Radio. If you want to reach out to the people from the “city of joy” you can easily take assistance of any radio advertising agency in Kolkata to launch a perfect radio ad campaign.

  • Radio ad 2Chennai– It is the capital state of Tamil Nadu. Chennaites are passionate about regional music and Kollywood is close to their heart. Radio keeps them connected to Kollywood whenever and wherever they want, keeping them entertained all through the day. The most result driven radio stations of Chennai are: Big FM, Red(Suryan) FM, Radio Mirchi, Hello FM, Chennai LIVE, Aahaa FM, AIR FM Gold, AIR FM Rainbow, AIR Vividh Bharati, Prasar Bharati-All India Radio, Radio City.

Businesses resort to the top radio ad agencies of Chennai to get best on return on investment from their advertising spend. Radio serves as the ultimate saviour to brands to reach the people of Chennai.

  • Pune – Also known as Punyanagar is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It is the harbour to old traditional as well as new IT industries. Thereby the residents comprises of huge number of students and professionals who want to establish their career in this land of opportunities. It has a large youth population and yes you are right-this is major reason radio is popular here. People of Pune love to tune in to the following stations: Red FM, Radio Mirchi, AIR Vividh Bharati, Prasar Bharati-All India Radio, Radio City.

Business leverage this unique opportunity by approaching the leading radio ad agencies of Pune to help them get results instantly as this is sure shot medium which can never fail. Radio Advertising in Pune is taken to be a general rule of survival in most of the industries in Pune.

  • Jaipur– The Pink City is classical heritage to the country. The glory of the city is reflected in the monuments and culture of the place. People of Jaipur have always befriended radio unlike the other cities wherein radio was lost. Radio is always been a treat to the residents of the place. The six radio stations(Red FM, Radio Mirchi, AIR Vividh Bharati, Prasar Bharati-All India Radio, Radio City,My FM) of Jaipur has been a primary medium, of advertisement for businesses to reach the local crowd. Further more businesses even resort to profession radio ad agency in Jaipur to get the most from their campaign in the most effective way.
  • Surat– City of Sun is one the most developed city in Gujarat. The city is one of the fastest developing cities of the world, making it very clear of the rich industrial base of the city. Businesses look up to Surat as the land of ample opportunities and have taken up radio advertising as their tool to reach customers of Pune. Most of the advertisers resort to a radio ad agency of Surat to get effective results. 

In all the above cities radio stands as a dynamic medium driving queries and interested customers to businesses. Radio is the most affordable and hyper targeted platform to reach potential customers. 

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