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Radio Advertising is one of the most efficient forms of advertising in the modern advertising age and if being properly executed, it can efficiently solve your advertising needs. releaseMyAd has helped several businesses including agencies and direct marketers in different cities like Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur, Indore and Bhopal to create and manage highly effective radio advertising campaigns. We have a team of experts who can idea and plan advertising campaign for your business and ensure your brand gets the maximum visibility hereby helping in achieving your goal.

Radio Advertising -releaseMyAd
Radio Advertising by releaseMyAd

Through our seamless radio advertising program, we can convert the most dynamic challenges into highly effective solutions. We help our esteemed customers with complete radio advertising solutions right from creating radio advertising campaigns to promoting them in the leading radio stations for any city across India.

Lucknow– It is also popularly known as the city of Nawabs located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The multicultural city is an epitome of education, technology, culture and design and provides hoards of advertising opportunities to various brands. The 8th most populous city of India has some of the leading radio stations namely Radio City 91.1 FM, Red (93.5) FM, Radio Mirchi (98.3) FM and Air FM Rainbow.

Kanpur– It is the major centre for commercial and industrial activities located in Uttar Pradesh and also formerly known as the Manchester of India. Some major companies were established towards the end of 19th century under the banner of British India Corporation like Kanpur Textiles, Flex Shoes Company and Elgin Mills. The leading radio stations in Kanpur mainly include Big (92.7) FM, Red (93.5) FM, Radio Mirchi (98.3) FM, Air Vividh Bharati.

Radio Advertising -releaseMyAd

Nagpur– The third largest city in the Maharashtra state has the highest literacy rate in India standing at 93.13 % with 2 million population. It is also popularly called as the Orange city and is also among the major cities for information technology in Maharashtra. The city boasts of some leading radio stations like Radio City 91.1 FM, Red (93.5) FM, Radio Mirchi (98.3) FM, Air Vividh Bharati.

Indore– The largest city of the state Madhya Pradesh also happens to the commercial capital. The city was discovered under the ruiling of Maratha Empire in the year 1724. The 500 year old city has prominent radio stations namely Big (92.7) FM, Red (93.5) FM, Radio Mirchi (98.3) FM, My FM (94.3).

BhopalThe capital city of Madhya Pradesh also known as the City of Lakes is the 14th largest city in India. It is also home to prominent education institutions in the country. Some of the leading radio stations in the Bhopal city are Big (92.7) FM, Red (93.5) FM, Radio Mirchi (98.3) FM, My FM (94.3).

We are an online platform for booking hassle free radio advertisements and provide highly optimized advertising solutions to the clients. We integrate most cohesive advertising strategies to boost your advertising needs and make your brand reach the target audience.