Advertising in Multiplexes & Theatres is Simpler now


ReleaseMyAd, a Kolkata based advertising platform connecting the major media  vehicles with the customers in need of an instant, uncomplicated & fast advertising booking system, is gradually setting a trend in the country. A thriving advertising booking platform known for its success in Newspapers, Internet & Radio advertising, we now have decided to launch our online cinema advertisement booking platform –

A growing number of advertisers every month made us more enthusiastic and influenced us to explore new possibilities. We decided to tap the potential of the recent and in -trend media vehicle –Cinema.  Through releaseMyAd, one can book ads on 19+ leading multiplex brands and 300+ movie screens in over 125 cities and towns. After months of planning, our dream to branch out to cinema advertising finally materialized and we strive to make this platform a huge success. If one is looking to get a larger than life projection of his/her business in front of an attentive audience, there is no looking further than cinema advertising. Our specialized media buying and media planning procedures, which made our newspaper and radio advertising ventures a success, also find feature in our latest endeavour. That, combined with our lead generation process is sure to give the ability to turn into a smooth and powerful advertisement booking tool.

Initially a Newspaper Classifieds booking portal, releaseMyAd has now grown exponentially in a short period of 6 years, spreading out to Radio, Digital and now Cinema as advertising options. releaseMyAd’s success can be greatly attributed to our online booking facility, which makes for a hassle-free and uncomplicated booking across almost all the media platforms. It also helps to have an accreditation by Indian Newspaper Society and we also enjoy the priviledge of Google recognizing us as a premier SME partners in India. According to Mr. Lunia, the founder of the Company,” The thought process behind building up releaseMyAd was the realisation that India is a unique market where traditional media (Print, Radio, TV) is still flourishing & controls the maximum share of Advertising budget, it is more sensible to build one’s own consumer Internet brand instead of convincing other companies to build for them.  Hence releaseMyAd came on board”.

About releaseMyAd:

Established in 2009 as a newspaper advertising firm, releaseaMyAd now is a comprehensive online advertising platform with real time advertisement bookings in almost all the major media vehicles-newspapers, Radio, Online and Cinema. Founded by Mr Sharad Lunia, a Wharton School of Business Graduate, releaseMyAd is an INS accredited Agency, an Integrated Marketing solutions provider & a premier SME partner of Google in India.