How to Measure Success in Online Advertising effectively?


A business entity’s sole purpose is to achieve success.They advertise & market in order to reach the pinnacle.However,its equally an important aspect to be able to measure the impact of the campaign.But the question remains,” Is it possible to measure success?”, that too for an online advertising campaign.The answer is a resounding “YES”.

Online advertising presents immense opportunities to advertisers for showcasing and enhancing their campaign.It also enables the business to properly monitor and check the progress of the campaign and the impact on target audience.Just launching a campaign are baby steps for businesses in order to reach their ultimate goal.Monitoring the progress and formulating ways to enhance the campaign enables them to actually reach that objective.A business house can efficiently monitor and measure their campaign’s success through these ways:

  • Establishing an idea about the business:Firstly,its very important to have an idea about the company,its products,its methods of approaching a campaign.This lets the business formulate efficient creatives accordingly which results in a strong campaign.Measuring CPC’s(cost per click) helps the business understand the latest trends of the market and it helps in allocating a budget,as costs can rise and decline anytime.
  • Measuring other parameters:The number of clicks a campaign generates does not necessarily correlate to success.Its necessary to heed to other parameters too.It has to be very clear as to what the business aspires to achieve from their target audience.The various parameters of CTR(click through rates) and Conversion rates also help a business measure the actual impact and effectiveness of the campaign.These factors enable businesses to rectify and optimize content as per the audience’s interest.
  • Communication through entire campaign:The success of a campaign is based on clarity.Be it clarity of the campaign or clarity between the business and the online ad agency.There should be a communication channel between them which will initiate bouncing of ideas.This leads to proper understanding of the campaign and the necessary changes it needs in order to be successful.Communication will come handy when the number of clicks on a campaign increases,as queries will increase substantially.
  • Honesty with the client:The need for honesty between the client and the ad agency is very important.Since the campaign is online,it ensures wider visibility,so a failure of a campaign should be put forward to the client instead of showing an optimistic picture.Being honest with what worked and what failed enables both to adjust strategies and creatives to make it a success the next time.Being vague or dishonest only disrupts the relation between client and the advertising agency.
  • Do not Over Analyze:Analyzing progress of the campaign is a very important chore.Testing and monitoring helps in understanding the progress of the product and  valuable data with respect to the campaign’s performance against its rivals.However, excessive analyzing has its disadvantages.Testing numerous CTA’s(Call to Action),different creative executions and other technical aspects leads to a clutter of information which can be difficult to contain and organise.Focusing on one variable at a time leads to cleaner results.

Online advertising does provide a wide platform to advertise and market,so its the responsibility of the business and the online ad agency to make sure the campaign is a success.If all the parameters of rechecking,monitoring is done with utmost dedication the campaign can be made successful. releaseMyAd is an excellent choice for businesses seeking online advertising.It releases excellent PPC(pay per click) campaigns which can be easily monitored with the help of Google analytics,Google Adwords.Various tools like Keyword planner,Negative keyword detector,Keyword cost estimator ensures that the business can properly check every basic detail about their campaign,its cost,target audience.This can definitely assist in the success of a campaign.For further assistance contact us on 09038015241 or mail us on