Looking for Employees? Publish a Recruitment Ad with TOI to Hire The Best


The process of recruitment in our country is no different from the others. The entire mechanism can be painstaking and tedious. The recruitment procedure involves analysing the requirements of a job, attracting employees, screening, selecting, and hiring. As cumbersome it can be, it is undoubtedly crucial and unbending. Finding the right candidate leads to the eventual success of a company, thereby making the process a non-negotiable one. 

Times Of India Recruitment Ad

In India, letting out the word for recruitment commenced with publishing a recruitment advertisement in newspapers, employment exchange boards, employee referrals and sources. Currently, the process has also escalated to the digital platform through online job portals. With the advent of the internet, the digital process may have become rampant but the traditional methods, especially advertisements have not turned extinct. 

Many companies still prefer reaching out to potential employees via newspaper advertising since not everyone is technically sharp or has access to the internet. A major chunk of the population hailing in remote areas of our country still do not own smartphones but are still in dire need of jobs. It is a preferred channel to target the right employee set as 40% of the Indian population (12+ years old) still swear by newspapers, thereby substantiating the sufficiency of this process. 

Following this, companies are left with another crucial choice to make- the newspaper to publish recruitment ads with. The ideal choice would always be The Times of India employment advertisement. Soaring readership, excellent reach and nationwide popularity make it a downright preference. Providing unbiased and quality news pieces, The Times of India today job advertisement are certainly the favourable choice. 

times of India today job advertisement

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