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When you think of a Punjabi wedding, some things readily come to mind. Lots of fanfare, elaborate rituals, bright colours and amazing food. It’s no surprise then that Punjabi weddings are looked at as carnivals in their own right where everybody shows their love and good wishes for the bride and groom through the festivities. 

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These are characteristics unique to the Punjabi community, who believe in working hard and partying harder. Punjabis are some of India’s friendliest, most warmhearted and progressive-minded people who are eager to share their lust for life with others. Punjabi brides and grooms dress like royalty, with the men in fancy turbans and sherwanis, and the women with exquisite jewellery and makeup. They truly believe in making the most of life and enjoy sharing their happiness with the people they love.

Punjabi Matrimony

Arranged marriages are the norm in India, and marriages are believed to be a sacred and lifelong bond between the bride and the groom. So great is the significance of marriage in the Indian culture that the families of the bride and the groom are often actively engaged in the selection of the most suitable prospective candidate. This is because it is believed that marriage is not just the coming together of the bride and groom but also a union of their respective families.

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