How to Book Education Display Ads in the Education Plus Pullout of The Hindu?

Advertising in Education Plus
Education Plus-The Education Supplement of The Hindu

We are all aware of the popularity of the English daily-The Hindu. It is the third most popular, frequently read and circulated newspaper of India. It has attained this position due to its rich and unbiased news content, informative articles and multiple supplements which enable the publishing of classified advertisements as well.

Most newspapers enable the booking of only display advertisements in their supplements, but the Hindu is one of the few newspapers, which allows advertisers to book and release classified as well as display ads in its supplements. But the supplements do have a specific section dedicated to the classified advertisers while the display ads are published as per the preference of the advertiser.

One of the most popular and eagerly awaited supplements of the newspaper in question is The Education Plus. As the name suggests, this supplement covers topics related to educational institutes, career options, career choices, higher studies, career counselling and of course education advertisements. This popular supplement is published every Monday and therefore is an eagerly awaited pullout for most students across India.

Since the daily circulation of the Hindu newspaper is around 14.66 lakhs across India, of which about 5.4 lakh copies are circulated in Chennai alone. It has a readership of 22.58 lakhs across the whole of India. This kind of circulation and readership ensures that your Education Plus ad, also has the possibility of reaching out to these many readers, as these are the daily figures.

Advertisements in Education Plus

But advertisers are often apprehensive about booking newspaper advertisements, due to the hassles involved with it. They often are way too scared of waiting in long queues at the publication house or paying hefty sums of money to offline agents to get their work done. Therefore, it best to opt for the easiest option available to mankind meant for delivering different kinds of services-The Internet. For booking your Education Plus display ads, now there is a simple way available online in the name of releaseMyAd.

You only need to follow 3 simple steps to book your advertisement online with the help of our Online Ad Booking Tutorial. ReleaseMyAd has always thrived to simplify the booking process for a newspaper advertisement for advertisers across the country. With the help of this online tutorial, anyone from anywhere can easily book an advertisement online in any preferred newspaper.

The Education Plus advertising rates for Chennai as well as other editions of the Hindu, namely Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Madurai, Mysore and more, are available our website. While booking your ad through us, you need to keep one thing in mind that is the Education Plus advertisement rates are directly provided by the publication and there are no extra commission charges applicable. There are several packages available for advertisers to choose from as per their convenience and requirements.

In order to get the ad booked in 3 steps, simply follow the instructions given below:

  1. Visit the Education Plus rates page, choose the preferred ad size and then the location or package
  2. Then proceed to compose your ad with the help of Online Ad Templates or upload your own ad design
  3. Then confirm the ad release dates and make the payment for the same through the online or offline payment mediums

Once the payment is received, an email is sent to the advertiser, confirming the booking of the advertisement on the preferred release dates. While booking your ad online, please ensure that the booking is completed at least 2-3 days in advance for a timely release of the advertisement in your preferred newspaper supplement-the Education Plus.