Having Problem Reselling your Property, Try Evaluating the Right Advertising Method!

Get the right Value for your Property for Resale with Newspaper Advertising
Find the Perfect Buyers for Resale Property

Reselling anything is a difficult task anywhere in the world. Simply because it has been used by multiple people which eventually reduces its value. But in case of Property it is never the same. In a country like India where Real Estate is a booming industry, the prices of Property are always on the rise.

This is one of the main hindrances in reselling a Property. Most buyers often evaluate the value of the property based on its wear and tear. But that’s not how a property should be evaluated. Reaching out to the right buyers is also important which is what creates the need for the appropriate medium. A number of people use various ways to reach out to potential buyers, which include the following-

a)      Online Listings

b)      Brokers

c)       Word of Mouth

d)      Newspaper Advertisements

We thought of conducting a research on at least 300 people who intended to resale their homes or lands but were apprehensive about which medium to choose. To help them understand the relevance and effectiveness of each of the 4 main mediums to find buyers for the Resale of Property, we have a detailed evaluation of all the modes.

Online Property Listings for Resale

Often people resort to online Property advertising for resale, considering it as a quick solution. They think it is the method that needs minimum efforts and is often free as well as easy to access. Although some of these may be true but it is not a flawless method.

Flaws with Online Property Resale Ads

  • Internet is not considered a reliable option for buyers as far as Property for resale is concerned
  • The ‘resale of property’ searches often come up as irrelevant search results for many buyers
  • The audience for online resale property listings is limited to the age-group of 18-40, whereas people beyond 40 years of age may also be interested in your property

Property Resale Brokers

Brokers are also considered to be a hassle free medium for looking for buyers of Properties. They just need to be paid and they’ll find buyers and fix meetings with the owners. But this too is not as simple as it sounds.

  • Brokers are an extremely expensive source of finding buyers since they are aware of the resale value of the property that is usually higher than the 1st purchase value. They demand a lot more for resale properties to fill their pockets as much as possible.
  •  They often deceive both the seller and the purchaser by charging money from both ends as commission
  • Also their area of access to buyers is highly limited to local and neighboring region buyers
Reselling of Property with Newspaper Advertising

Word of Mouth Method

This can be considered an effective method of getting buyers but this again is limited to very few people. The reach to buyers is almost next to zero and cannot be accounted for.

Newspaper Advertising

One of the most effective methods of reaching out to prospective buyers is through newspaper advertising. This has been the age old medium for finding the best and most reliable buyers for your resale property. Let’s find out why-

  • The reach of newspapers is highly versatile and beyond localities. You can advertise your Property for Resale across a state, a city or  the entire country, based on the selection of the newspaper
  • You can reach out to different types of audiences through English, Hindi and even regional language newspapers, as is your requirement
  • Property Resale ads are published under a specific section which ensures that it reaches out to only relevant audiences, those who are actually looking for it

Only drawback of Newspaper advertising is the booking process. Advertisers avoid this mode due to the hassle of visiting a Newspaper Publication House, waiting in queues or paying an offline agent a lot of extra money to get their ad booked. But releaseMyAd has been successful in providing a solution for it. We have incorporated a 3 step process for booking the Newspaper ad online in any Indian Newspaper.

All you need to do is visit releaseMyAd, choose ad type, select the newspaper, specify the location and proceed to compose the ad, confirm the release dates and make the payment. You can also take the help of our Online Tutorial for Booking ads to guide through the entire process of Booking the ad.

For more info call us on 09830629298, or email us at book@releasemyad.com or questions@releasemyad.com or visit the Property Ad Booking FAQ Section.