Unraveling the Secret Behind Finding the Ideal Malayali Matrimonial Match

Malayali Matrimonial Match Seeking
Matrimonial Advertising in Malayalam Newspapers

Traditionally in South India, people believe in providing the best education and all the facilities to their children. They always intend to provide the best to their children even when it comes to finding the best matrimonial match for them. Malayali parents are quite engaged and concerned about the lives of their children. This is the main reason why they take extra care to choose the life partners for their progeny.

Even though they are quite broad-minded and readily accept love marriages, scrutinizing the familial and educational background of the prospect, is of prior importance. But more often, they indulge in arranged marriages wherein the background check is quite stringent and detailed and the education along with the profession of the prospect is always the first consideration.

Kerala is a state wherein the literacy rate is as high as 93.19% hence the competition among prospects for marriage is also quite high. But getting the ideal match is subject to finding the best medium to look for a match. There are mainly 3 familiar ways through which they look for prospective brides or grooms across the whole of Kerala-

a)      Online Malayali Matrimonial Sites

b)      Family Members, Friends and Relatives

c)       Newspaper Matrimonial Ads

Just like every other community they too have many mediums to find the ideal match. But to know about the best medium to find the ideal Malayali Matrimonial Match, we conducted a survey on about 600 Malayali Matrimonial Match seekers. The results drove us to certain specific conclusions as are mentioned below.

Online Malayali Matrimonial Sites

Everyone is busy nowadays and they need a quick solution to all their requirements, even in case of looking for matrimonial matches. The Internet has aided in making many processes faster than before. They have made it quite convenient but in case of matrimonial match making, most people opt for it out of compulsion. The reasons behind not being completely convinced with matrimonial match seeking portals are listed as follows.

Issues with Online Matrimonial Sites

  • The first and foremost reason specified by Matrimonial profile makers is that it is not reliable enough
  • The information provided in various profiles are inflated and not genuine enough
  • Some of the profiles also include fake images of the prospective Bride or  Groom
  • These sites end up becoming more of a dating site than a matrimonial search portal
  • These portals do not provide results based on specific locations as per preference of the match seeker

Network of Family and Friends

Arranging Malayali weddings with the Right Matrimonial

This mode of finding the ideal match for marriages is the most common method in Southern region of India, especially in Kerala. Even today they are high on family values and respect for elders, which often entails to the elderly members of the family being the ultimate decision maker in case of Matrimony Match making. But this method has its own limitations.

Limitations of Family & Friend Networking

  • Opinions are quite biased in this method of choosing the prospective Bride and Groom
  • It becomes a source of competition between a different family members and relatives which moves away from the real purpose
  • Also this method is highly limited to known people of the relatives and friends, whereas there is scope of finding better matches beyond that

Newspaper Matrimonial Ads

Newspapers are the most popular, respected and reliable medium of Matrimony match seeking as per most of the matrimony advertisers. They express their faith in this medium, as looking for prospective matches through newspapers, has been an age old practice. There are several other reasons behind looking for a Malayali Matrimonial Match through newspapers like-

  • Malayali Matrimonial Ads in Newspapers are released under specific communities to make them easier to find
  • Newspaper Matrimonial ads can also be categorized as per professions to ensure maximum relevant responses
  • Since newspaper ads are paid matrimonial adverts, maximum elimination of fake profiles is ensured
  • Ads can be published in based on different regions as per the preferred newspaper

For Instance, if the parents of a prospective Bride are looking for a match within Kerala the releasing an ad in the Malayala Manorama Matrimonial Section or in the Matrimonial Classified Ads Section of Mathrubhumi. These are popular newspapers of Kerala that are published in Malayalam.

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