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Gujarat is among the most prosperous states of India. It is the base of some of the largest enterprises and business houses of the country. Gujarati people are not only financially well-off but also have a rich culture which is quite evident in their Matrimonial Endeavours. Their weddings are extremely ritualistic, traditional and grand which includes their food, decorations and even clothes. They follow every ritual very carefully and with complete dedication.

People of Gujarat are quite particular about choosing a life-partner either for themselves or for their relatives and children. They rely heavily on matrimonial websites in case of arranges marriages as a major section of the population is Computer Literate. But many people have also complained against the services provided by popular matrimonial sites. Online matrimonial sites are not the only option availed by Gujarati Matrimonial match seekers, they also have three more options. All 4 of their matrimonial match seeking mediums are listed below:

–          Online Matrimonial

–          Offline Marriage Bureaus

–          Family Network

–          Newspaper Matrimonial Ads

After conducting a research on about 650 Gujarati Matrimonial Match seekers, we were able to determine the most suitable medium for looking for ideal matrimonial matches.

Let’s begin with the one that people had the most complaints with.

Online Matrimonial Sites

Nowadays there are a number of online matrimonial sites that target specific communities to help them find matrimonial matches. A number of people opt for these sites for the sake of convenience and because these are quite fast. But in spite of being convenient and fast, these sites have quite a few issues that make it an inconvenient way to look for matrimonial matches.

Drawbacks of Online Matrimonial Sites

  • The first issue faced by online matrimonial advertisers is that there is no authenticity of these profiles
  • The profiles consist of inflated information about the prospective matches including fake images
  • Such sites often turn in to online dating sites creating an unsafe territory for serious matrimonial match seekers
  • Matrimonial sites do not provide results based on locations making the search too broad and irrelevant at times

Offline Marriage Bureaus

Marriage Bureaus are often a preferred medium to look for matrimonial matches among certain communities. The Gujarati community is among these communities that prefer to look for matrimonial matches through offline marriage bureaus. Then again some also have complaints against these offline bureaus.

Complaints against Offline Marriage Bureaus

  • They are considered to be quite an expensive mode of looking for prospective brides or grooms
  • They have limited resources and the search is quite manual
  • Some bureaus, finally get their work done through newspaper ads or by posting profiles on online matrimonial sites itself
  • They are also limited to specific cities/towns and states and cannot go beyond a certain a boundary

Family Network

Family networking for looking for matrimonial matches is another preferred medium for looking for Gujarati Matrimonial Matches. They are quite a reliable source but even then they have certain drawbacks.

Disadvantages of Family Network

Relatives at a Gujarati Wedding
  • Selection of prospective matches is quite limited and partially biased
  • Ends up as a competitive activity between different family members diverting from the real motive
  • Even the region of search becomes restricted relatives of relatives and their residential areas

Newspaper Matrimonial Ads

Newspapers have proved to be one of the most trusted mediums for matrimonial advertisements among all communities including the Gujarati community. A lot of people express their faith in newspaper advertising as it is an age-old practice of looking for matrimonial matches.

  • Newspaper ads under Gujarati Matrimonial section are categorized based on specific communities which makes them easier to locate
  • Advertisers can place them as per their choice of pthe rofession of the prospective bride or groom
  • Different newspapers can be selected based on the preferred region or regional language unlike other mediums of matrimonial searches
  • Newspaper matrimonial ads are charged based on the number of words used in the reducing chances of any inflated information and attracting only genuine advertisers

For Example, if the older siblings of a prospective Groom are looking for a match within Gujarat then releasing an ad in the Divya Bhaskar Matrimonial Section or in the Matrimonial Classified Ads Section of Sandesh will be the best option. These are well known newspapers of Gujarat that are printed in Gujarati.

The main issue faced by newspaper advertisers is the medium of booking the ad which is either through publications or offline agents who have high commission charges. But releaseMyAd has ensured that is ithe ssue is eliminated with our Online Ad Booking portal. With the help of our Online Ad Booking Tutorial ,you can book your ad in any newspaper of your choice instantly from the convenience of your home or office.

To know more about the Matrimonial Ad Booking, simply visit the Matrimonial Ads FAQ section. You can even email us at or or call us at 09830629298.