Have a Massive Office Space Available for Rent? Discover the best Mode to find Tenants

To-Rent office space ads in newspapers
Office Space on Rent Classified Ads in Newspapers

A number of metropolises have a steady inflow of industries and employees creating a massive requirement for Office Spaces. A lot of companies like start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises cannot afford to invest huge chunks of money in purchasing office spaces. So they often opt for office spaces available for rent.

It appears to be quite an economical option for a lot of entrepreneurs and proprietors who have a limited capital or are just starting off a business.

Many buildings and properties that have a lot of space and can accommodate at least 50 or more individuals. These properties rent-out the available spaces for office use at market rates for rent. But there needs to be a communication medium for the landlord and the tenant.  The most common mediums for such communications are-

a)Online Listings

b)Offline Brokers

c)Newspaper Advertisements

A survey was conducted with about 150 proprietors across Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and even Bangalore asking them about their preferred medium to look for an office space. We came up with quite interesting results which helped us comprehend the importance of all the 3 mediums used for Renting out Office Spaces. So, we thought of sharing their views with prospective advertisers to help them choose their preferred medium.

Online Listings

Looking for Office Spaces on Rent

Office space-owners and tenants often seek help from online property listings, perceiving it to be a time saving solution. They consider the medium of Internet to be an option that requires minimum efforts which is also free and easily accessible. Though the Internet does provide these benefits but at the same time it also has certain faults.

Faults with Online Listings

  • The Internet is not really a dependable option for tenants in case of Office Spaces on Rent
  • The search results are often irrelevant to the tenants and not in line with the region or location
  • Above all, the target audience and the kind of landlords who list their property on rent is quite limited in terms of age-group and profession

Offline Brokers

A lot of people consider brokers as a hassle free option to look up for tenants to rent out office spaces. The only effort that is to be made in case of hiring offline brokers is that they simply have to be paid and they take all the efforts of searching for the property and then fixing up meetings with the space owners. But even this effortless option has certain issues with it.

Problems with Offline Brokers

  • Offline Brokers are quite an expensive medium, especially for those who anyway have a limited budget and therefore need an office space for rent
  • Brokers seek money from both the parties –Owner and tenant regardless of their financial state
  • Above all, their area of access is too limited, which in turn limits the options for tenants and landlords as well
Office Space Available on Rent

Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper ads for putting up Office spaces on rent have been the oldest official source of reaching out to professional tenants. It has managed to remain the most dependable and genuine medium of advertisement since ages. Irrespective of age-groups, landlord or tenants, newspaper ads are considered reliable by all.

Advantages of Newspaper Advertising

  • Newspaper reach is quite versatile in terms of going beyond neighboring localities. To-rent advertisements can be advertised beyond cities and states expanding the horizon of reach
  • Even audience type is quite versatile in case of newspapers as it is published both in English, Hindi and all other regional languages
  • Office Space on Rent adverts are placed under specific headings and sub-headings which further intensifies the reach and helps derive only relevant responses

The main loophole in Newspaper advertising is the procedure that is followed for booking the advertisement. Advertisers look for other modes due to the enormous effort and times involved in visiting a Newspaper Publications fear of long queues or paying hefty sums to offline agents to get their ad booked.

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