Need Skilled Data Entry Operators? Find out the Most Suitable Medium for it

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Every company has certain positions fixed for certain specific Recruitment profiles; one of those posts is that of a Data Entry Operator. Every company processes some sort data which is why positions for data entry operators is always open in almost every city and state of India. This particular field is found in all kinds of organisations including IT, Online Advertising, BPO, Law Firms, Real Estate Firms, Sales and Marketing etc.

A huge population of India also engages in freelance data operating work and is always on the lookout for data related jobs which highlights the fact there is considerable availability of data entry operators. The most common mediums through which recruiters look for data entry operators are-

a)      Online Job Portals

b)      Newspaper Advertisements

c)       Consultancies

A research was conducted with about 200 recruiters who employ data entry operators on a regular basis and use different mediums to find suitable candidates.

Which medium do you think is the best for Data entry operator recruiting? Let’s find out!


Very few recruiters opt for consultancies to search for data entry operators unless and until there is a requirement for mass recruitment. The reasons for consultancies not being a viable option for candidate search are as follows:

Problems with Recruitment through Consultancies

Finding Data Entry Operators through the Best Medium
  • Data Entry Operator Jobs are often considered to be ‘no return on investment’ jobs and most recruiters do not intend to spend much on hiring them through a consultancy as they often have quite high commissions
  • They do not have proper provisions or setup to hire data entry operators since they are not high paid jobs and their commissions are not feasible enough
  • Above all there is no guarantee that they will provide you skilled candidates as the short listing process has to go through the recruiter or the in-house Human resources department

Online Job Portals

 This medium is one of the most commonly used sources of finding applicants for various fields. But this medium too has certain limitations, in spite of easy accessibility and a vast audience.

Disadvantages of Online Job Search Portals

  • A lot of applicant profiles received through online job portals are quite irrelevant due to the easy process of application for candidates. A huge lot of reluctant and unskilled candidates apply through these web portals due to easy application
  • A lot of regions in India are still devoid of proper internet connection without which these job portals are of no use which limits a recruiters audience reach
  • The probability of fake profiles are increased in case of online job portal applications

Newspaper Ads for Data Entry Operators

Newspaper ads for recruitment purposes are the most reliable source of communication, especially in case recruiters intend to reach out to an audience with a specific set of skills. Newspapers, though conventional, are an excellent way to reach out to a size-able audience at once. Its benefits are listed below:

Fill Up Data Entry Vacancies Instantly with the Right Medium

Benefits of Newspaper Recruitment Ads for Data Entry Operators

  • Since newspapers are published in different languages including English, Hindi and regional languages and has access to specific regions, you can reach out to people residing in a specific regions, locality or state
  • As newspaper ads are paid ads, there are massive chances of the fact that the intention and authenticity of the recruiter is genuine
  • The need for the painful review each and every application and harassment from unnecessary calls are also decreased by a considerable margin
  • All educated households in India receive at least 1 newspaper everyday and a recruiters just needs to know which newspaper to advertise in
  • Above all, newspapers have been there since ages and have been used for the purpose of delivering news and advertisements since the beginning which makes them the most trusted source of information

Newspaper ad booking also has its limitations as advertisers consider it quite a task to visit a publication house to get their ad booked or too expensive to hire an agent to do their job. But this limitation too can be overcome now with the help of Internet.

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