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Looking to book your announcement classified online at the lowest rates?  Visit our Online Eenadu Classified Booking Page.

Now you can book your Announcement, Loss of Deeds,  Missing Document ads instantly online at relaseMyAd. Further avail special discounts and offer packages while booking Announcement ad for Eenadu, Malayala Manorama, Deccan Herald and all other leading newspapers of the country through origin-of-newspaper-advertisingrates and offers page or our Eenadu Announcement Tariff Page. Once you have comprehensive knowledge about the ad cost you can start booking from the Eenadu Classified Booking Page.

Eenadu Announcement Classified Ads now booked instantly online at relaseMyAd

Book your Eenadu Loss of Deeds, Missing and other kinds of announcement classified ads through these simple steps:

1) Visit our online Eenadu Classified Booking Page.

2) Next select the category of your Eenadu Announcement ad. You may choose from Loss of Deeds, Change of Name/Namkaran, Change of Address, Missing Documents and many more once you are on the ad booking page. Once done choose your Eenadu as your newspaper apart from specifying your package and edition details.

3) Customize your Eenadu Announcement ad with personal messages, enhancements etc. Don’t forget to choose Classified Display as your ad type when adding these enhancements  to your Eenadu classified ad.

4) Compose your ad, choose your date and clear all your payments instantly online.

You may be asked to produce  some corresponding documents, affidavits while booking Change of Name, Change of Address, Announcement ads  for certain newspaper dailies.

Here is a list of booking Announcement Classified Ads for certain editions of Eenadu:

Basic rate for booking Announcement text ads for Eenadu  (Hyderabad edition): Rs 600/5 lines

Basic rate for booking Announcement display ads for Eenadu (Hyderabad edition): Rs 525/ sq cm

Special packages: Eenadu All Editions – For Rs.4100/5lines

Eenadu (Hyderabad + Ranga Reddy) – For Rs. 600/5 lines

Sample Announcement Ad

For more information visit the about us page or start booking from this section.

Major advantages of booking Lost and Found, Change of Name and other announcement ads at releaseMyAd:

1) Instant and hassle free booking of both classified display and classified text ads for all editions of Eenadu.

2)  Additional customization features that lets you add enhancements, personal notes to your Missing Document, Loss of Deeds and other announcement ads.

You can also contact us through live chat or our email address available on the contact us page of releaseMyAd. You can also reach us on the following number: 09830629298 (Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday 10am – 2 pm – IST).

Choose to book your Matrimonial /Property/Recruitment  Classified Advertisement in any of the following locations for Eenadu :-

· Eenadu Hyderabad (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 3,08,662 copies)

· Eenadu Bangalore (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 25,652 copies)

· Eenadu Chennai (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 11,998 copies)

· Eenadu Cuddapah (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 25,389 copies)

· Eenadu Mumbai (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 10,500 copies)

· Eenadu Guntur (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 58,793 copies)

· Eenadu Anantapur (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 40,176 copies)

· Eenadu Karimnagar (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 53,197 copies)

· Eenadu Khammam (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 32,158 copies)

· Eenadu Kurnool (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 32,570 copies)

· Eenadu Mahbubnagar (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 33,009 copies)

· Eenadu Nellore (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 33,740 copies)

· Eenadu New Delhi (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 3,620 copies)

· Eenadu Nizamabad (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 37,337 copies)

· Eenadu Ongole(ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 26,252 copies)

· Eenadu Rajahmundry (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 60,610 copies)

· Eenadu Srikakulam (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 45,058 copies)

· Eenadu Suryapet (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 34,713 copies)

· Eenadu Tadepalligudem (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 49,464 copies)

· Eenadu Tirupati (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 40,639 copies)

· Eenadu Vijayawada (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 75,957 copies)

· Eenadu Visakhapatnam (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 83,370 copies)

· Eenadu Warangal (ABC Report, January- June, 2008- 32,562 copies)
Book Your Newspaper Classified Ads - releaseMyAd


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