Advertise in Maratha Mandir and bring your brand in the limelight


With new excellently facilitated  multiplexes cropping up every now and then,Maratha Mandir  holds its stand as one of the oldest cinema halls in Mumbai. Located in Maratha Mandir Marg, it happens to be one of the famous landmarks of Mumbai city. With a single screen and a capacity of 1102 seats, it entertains its audience with the latest bollywood blockbusters.With recent modernised multiplexes giving tough competition to each other,this theatre boasts of its old contemporary feel in its ambience.

ddlj-maratha-mandirAdvertising on its screens  has been a common affair because :

  • It has immense popularity amongst the urban and vibrant  Mumbians audience.
  • Economical advertising rates.
  • Reaches out to all sections of the society.
  • It is a record creating theatre(running DDLJ for 1000 weeks).
  • it has great brand value.


Maratha Mandir is present in the following location:

On-screen Advertisement rates in Maratha Mandir begins from Rs 4050 per month,and they are screened during movie intervals of 5 shows per day for 7 days a week for a month’s duration in either of the two formats,depending on the advertiser’s choice :

  • Mute Slides(10 seconds) – These slides are a replica of print display ads in the sense that they are only visual creatives with no audio effect.They remain static on the movie screen for a short duration of 10 seconds either before the movie kicks off or during the interval.Producing and launching these commercials is easy on the pocket and hence a favourite with advertisers working on a tight budget.
  • Audio Slides(20 seconds) – These advertisements are more appealing since they carry both visual and audio creatives.They run for 20 seconds and have voice-overs , jingles and background music effects.This makes them get into the public eye more quickly and hold their attention,thereby increasing the recall value of the brand.

releaseMyAd is an acclaimed advertising agency.It helps cinema advertisers place their ads on the screens of Maratha Mandir with ease.All they need to do is accomplish the following steps:

  1. Visit our Maratha Mandir Advertisement Booking Page
  2. Select your city as- Mumbai Western line
  3. Specify your Advertisement Type – 10 Second Mute Slide / 20 Second  Slide with Audio
  4. Choose the specific Mall & the Auditorium
  5. Upload Your Ad Creative Or Alternatively you can have us developed them for you
  6. Specify your Campaign Duration, Preview Your Booking Details & Clear Payment
  7. Receive Instant Confirmation for your Booked Space via Email + SMS Alerts
  8. Your Ad goes live on your chosen Campaign Dates and grows your business!

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