Advertise on AIR FM Gold in The Most Fantastic Way

In the words of Mark Twain,“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

Radio advertising has been one of the most traditional forms of promoting a business,and successfully so.

FM GOLD, an initiative of ALL INDIA RADIO(AIR) is one of the leading radio brands of India.It stormed the radio market in 4 major metropolitan cities of India,namely:

Its immense popularity channels from its high entertainment(70%) and news(30%) oriented programmes.Advertising Cost

Over the years,advertising on AIR FM GOLD has proved to be an effective option for radio advertisers owing to its great listener-ship,high brand value and wide reach.

Coming to cost,Advertising on AIR FM GOLD is easy on the pocket,since its parent company is a government company.Advertisers can get their commercials aired at little cost and derive maximum returns on their investment.


Name of Station TimeCat. – I TimeCat.-II TimeCat.-III
Delhi 1100 770 440
Mumbai 880 660 440
Chennai / Kolkata 770 550 330

AIR FM GOLD also provides an additional advantage to its advertisers to place their commercial in the time band of their choice. It offers different time slots:

Prime Time(Category 1) 0700 – 11001700 – 2300
Mid Prime Time(Category II) 1100 – 1500
Non Prime Time(Category III) 1500 – 17002300 – 0700

releaseMyAd,is an integrated platform which helps you make and place your radio advertisements on FM GOLD in the most convenient way:

  • Choose the city you want to advertise in
  • Choose the preset plan you would opt for from a selection of Quick Burst (7days, Ad duration 15s, Ad frequency 7/day), Super Burst (15days, Ad duration 15s, Ad frequency 7/day) and Effective Reach (30 days, Ad duration 15s, Ad frequency 7/day)
  • You can customize the plans to fit your needs.
  • Provide your business details to view rates.
  • Choose the time category you would want to advertise in
  • Choose the parameters of Ad Frequency, Ad Duration and Ad Tenure
  • Select the dates for your ad campaign
  • Complete Payment and get instant confirmation via email and sms alert!

With releaseMyAd as your advertising partners, not only do you get a head-start with your radio campaign,but you get assistance throughout the process,be it with media planning or creative development.

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