Radio Advertising in the Times of Digital Advertising


In today’s fast paced life, online activities have become quite preferable. This is because it does not only save time but also removes harassment. Such extensive use of online or digital processes has led to a very vital question – Will radio advertising remain as important as earlier when digital advertising is there to serve people?

This is, of course, true that digital advertising reaches the public easily, but radio advertising in no way stands behind the former in this regard. In fact, radios can guarantee reaching people whether they are in their cars or home or on their way to office or in their office. Do you think digital advertising can give any such guarantee?

It is completely true that getting ads online anywhere is possible, but then individuals have to carry something in handy and also search for the product ads they are looking for. On the other hand, radio is available everywhere. In the cars, homes, offices, shops, etc., everywhere you will find a radio and hence majority of people can easily be targeted through radios. Even if you have a digital device with you and you are quite addicted to using it, radios can still be useful for

The ads that are aired between radio programmes contain contact information in their script. Whether it is a phone number or website address aired on radios, you can easily call or search for the site on the internet and find out the required details about the products and services.

The benefits of radio advertising over digital advertising have been listed below:

  • Majority of People Use Radio: Around 94% of the population uses radio for entertainment. The adverts are aired in between the radio programmes and hence there are major chances for people to listen to the ads that are played between the songs.
  • Radio Reaches People Anywhere: Irrespective of the location of the listeners, radios reach them. No matter whether a person is inside his car or at home or on his way to office or at office or a shop, radio easily reach them. From urban to rural regions, only radio has been a medium accessible to all.
  • Radio Signals Are Quite Reliable: Most of the times, the signals for cable and network on phones couldn’t be reached. Even in case of Internet, in the interior regions, one could hardly get the connection due to network issues. But in case of radios, getting signals for this airtime medium is quite easier. As a result of this, radio advertisements could conveniently reach the target market or people.
  • Radios Preferred Over Online Streaming: In case of digital advertising, online streaming is done. While online streaming, people have to wait for a long time during buffering. While on radios, people don’t need to wait for any such action and they can enjoy the playlists without any kind of inconvenience caused to them.

The above-mentioned facts prove that even in the times of digital advertising, radio advertising plays a major role. It does not only reach the ones in the cities and towns but also in villages.